Teacher Training Personal Statement Example (Primary PGCE) 7

Ever since I can remember I have always held aspirations to become a primary school teacher. Earlier this year I acted on this and am now working as a classroom assistant at Carrick Knowe Primary School on a voluntary basis. I enjoy this immensely as I get on very well with the children and I like assisting them through the learning process.

I have had experience in working with the whole class of 30 and looking after small groups on my own. Working with the same class every week has also allowed me to get to know their individual needs. On occasion, I have swapped classes, which has allowed me to work with different teachers. This can be very insightful as different teachers have different methods and styles and through experience I have learned to adapt to individual needs.

I also enjoy the variety and the spontaneity that sometimes occurs when a plan changes at the last minute. I would find a career as a teacher to be very fulfilling because, to me, education and learning is the most important and rewarding factor in life.

I also enjoy helping younger students around my school. Around Christmas time I will be paired up with an S1 reading buddy, which means I will be helping a student who has reading difficulties. I hope to help build their confidence in their reading and motivate them to read independently. Earlier this year I was also one of the S6s who helped S2 students with their Honduras project.

This was a series of teamwork challenges which required a lot of calm, patience and encouragement on my part. S1 and S2 students are around 12 and 13years old so this was valuable experience for me to work with older children. Next week I have also volunteered to guide S1 parents round at parents’ night and provide help where I can. I hope throughout my last months at school I will be able to take on any other extra responsibilities as I find these very worthwhile and satisfying.

My first paid part-time job was in a fast food restaurant. This experience taught me a lot about myself and I definitely grew stronger as a person as it was a very demanding job where I constantly worked under pressure. I was able to interact with different members of the public and received an excellent review from a mystery shopper about my hospitality and friendliness. I got on very well with all of my colleagues and took time during quiet spells to get to know them. I was also a very reliable worker and was always on time.

My favourite subjects at school were Higher German and Italian, which I studied last year. I am enthusiastic about learning different cultures and languages as they are very interesting and I would love to perhaps work abroad one day. Learning new languages come to me naturally and I hope to bring this skill into the classroom with me.

I hope to take advantage of the long summer holidays at university and do voluntary work with children abroad. This year I am doing a Schools-College Partnership programme specifically to study Early Education and Childcare at Stevenson College. I felt that not only working with children but also studying written theories about their development and behaviour would benefit me greatly before university.

In my free time I enjoy drama, which is very much a personal interest of mine and I have always been fascinated by theatre. Studying drama at school has also given a considerable rise to my confidence due to performing in front of examiners and large crowds. I am a creative and easygoing person with a fun sense of humour.

Children do seem to be drawn towards me and with my natural and learned abilities and also my time at Carrick Knowe, I feel ready to take the steps to become a primary school teacher and am looking forward to the new experiences and exciting opportunities of university life.

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