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I am currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood studies at Birmingham University. It is my ambition to go on to study for a Primary PGCE.

I became interested in teaching whilst raising my own children. I have experienced first hand a child's apprehension and delight on first entering school at the age of five years. My children now feel safe, secure and valued in their schools and it is these experiences which have led me to realise how rewarding and fulfilling it must be to observe and be a part of children growing and learning through their early years.

I embarked on a classroom assistant course at college, but soon realised that this would not provide career satisfaction for me, leading me to embark on a degree. The time I have spent in schools and university has further reinforced my desire to teach.

I enjoy communicating with others, particularly children. Children bring a wealth of experiences to school with them, from events they have experienced at home and school, too comical anecdotes, often borne from their misunderstanding of adult conversations. I have spent time with children in reception, year 1 and year 2 and greatly enjoy communicating with children on their level. It is possible to ascertain a great deal about a child's ability and understanding through conversation and I believe verbal skills to be of great importance for both children and adults.

I am a good team worker and believe that I have demonstrated the ability to converse and work with staff at all levels within the school setting. I have enjoyed being part of a team and it is an area which I hope to extend on.

I am aware that the primary teacher, teaches across the curriculum and I realise the necessity to be proficient in all areas. I have GCSE equivalent qualifications in English, Maths and science, gained through an Access to HE course. I also understand that it is not sufficient for a teacher to 'know his/her subject' they also need to be able to recognise each child as an individual and tailor lessons and the curriculum to suit each child's ability and learning style.

However, I do have a particular interest in the teaching of literacy to young children, especially phonics. I find it incredibly interesting how, by taking reading back to basics, and learning the constituent sounds of words, children who may otherwise have struggled to read are becoming confident readers and enjoying literacy as a subject.

Whilst on placement in a year 1 class, I observed that a teachers approach to the class can have a profound effect on the learning ability of those children. I observed a teacher constantly changing the way she taught her class to maintain their interest and focus in activities. She encouraged and praised children who were finding activities difficult, giving them the confidence to try and in many cases achieve. Her positive attitude toward the children, gave them belief in themselves, leading to a positive learning environment.

I led the class in a story reading session, which was a pre-cursor to an ICT lesson. The focus was to encourage certain children to participate in whole class discussion sessions. It became apparent that whilst some children are happy to contribute in this environment others may not be, reinforcing the need for practitioners to develop strategies and activities to involve all children.

I am looking forward to beginning a placement in a local junior school in September, where I am looking forward to exploring how pedagogical strategies differ across age groups.

I feel that I have many skills to bring to a primary PGCE course and indeed teaching as a profession. I am very much looking forward to expanding my practical and theoretical knowledge and I seek to advance my knowledge of the curriculum and improve my personal skills.

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This personal statement was written by westwood for application in 2008.


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Not bad! but it is true that

Not bad! but it is true that you started most of the lines with the letter I!!!!

Although, GSCE Mathematics,

Although, GSCE Mathematics, science and English are compulsory, I do not believe it is in your favour to highlight the fact that you do not possess a higher qualification in any of these areas. To be an effective teacher means knowing your subject in depth, in order to inspire the children and bring out the best in them as learners. I am sure you have demonstrated effective communication in you placements and you have also mentioned teaching strategies, but you have not mentioned anything about how you would succeed in ensuring their potential through your own interest in any subject area of the curriculum.


Fantastic blog. Awesome.

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