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I am applying for the listed courses as I have very much enjoyed and found satisfying the experiences I have had working with children in my life so far.

I feel that becoming a teacher will fulfil my dream of being able to aid children in learning things as well as assisting the staff that work with me. I extremely love being able to interact with them and finding out about how they see things. I enjoy caring for them and also answering their questions as by doing so I am helping them to develop their confidence and self esteem.

I have had 3 types of experience of working with children. The first being in a Private Day Nursery, second in Special Needs High School and thirdly in 2 different primary schools.

I originally became enthusiastic about childcare during my 2 week work experience during High school at my old primary school. I helped the children in numeracy (simple addition and subtraction equations) and literacy tasks (reading and writing and spelling).

My first gateway into working with children was in a Private Day Nursery. I initially started at the nursery as a Nursery Assistant. Once I did my NVQ Level 2, the Proprietors promoted me to Baby room second in charge. The Baby room had babies aged 3 to 18 months.

Once the Team Leader of the Baby room left, I was promoted to the Team Leader position. I enjoyed gaining my experience of being a Team Leader, doing planning etc. I especially benefited from this because I had to deal with the Birth To Three Matters Framework training for all the staff.

My role was to check their planning and to train and guide new staff into becoming skilled at doing the planning independantly. One downside of being a Team Leader, which I did not enjoy very much, was not being able to spend as much time with the children.

After working as the Team Leader in the Baby room for 11 months, I wanted to develop my professional development and to gain more experience with the older children 18 months+. So I asked my manager if I could be moved to another room.

Within 2 weeks I was moved into the Toddler Room as the Team Leader. Whilst working at the nursery, I was sent on a number of courses which helped me make progress in my knowledge of matters in relation to nurseries e.g. child protection and how to deal with it, allergies, physical intervention and many more.

I worked at the nursery for 3 and a half years but left to do agency work in schools so I could develop my skills and improve my ability of working with and teaching children.

After signing up at Chalkface Recruitment Agency, and after attending a successful interview at Kingsley High School, a special school, I got the job. I was placed to work in the 16-19 years unit with adolescents who had PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) and with some who used PECS (picture exchange communication system).

I was at Kingsley for about a month and a half. I found this job very challenging but yet very inspiring. I also found the job very rewarding as I was giving those young adults attention and helping them to realise their real potential.

In October 2007, I got offered the job of a Bilingual Teaching Assistant at Gifford Primary School after a successful interview. I have now been working at Gifford since 31st October 2007 and am really loving my job. I find this job challenging at times too as it is my first proper teaching job in a school and so obviously I am learning things as I am going along too.

I admire the way the students learn at the school and also admire their different abilities. Whilst teaching the students I get given I try my best to adapt the tasks to suit their understanding levels and always ensure I talk to them in both english and their mother tongue (farsi, dari, hindi or urdu).

As I am currently working in a school environment it would make sense for me to do this course and then to be able to do my PGCE and then travel the world to gain experience of working in schools abroad.

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This personal statement was written by neelab for application in 2008.

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Hiya i want to apply to uni but just wanted some help with my personal statement. I am confused about what else to write any ideas? please give ideas and examples! please help! thanks


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this is a very helpfull statement and i think i know now how to write a statement that could grap the interest of the universities. thanks x


im thinkin that mayb it is a little to drawn out with soo much information - but otherwise it was very good with all the experience uve had

its a very good statement but

its a very good statement but i found you concentrated too much on your experience and on nothing else, sorry


you focus too much on your experiance, what about your hobbies etc.

i think it is a very well

i think it is a very well detailed statement but i does not say much on hobbies and interests you have... sorry


This is such a good statement a bit long though :) :) :)

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