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I have chosen to apply for a primary teaching degree because I enjoy working with children. I have a strong interest in teaching and the learning process of children. This is been confirmed by my work experience report. Which states that, I get on well with the children and am shown respect from them. My aim is to provide a sound foundation where children can learn and build upon throughout their lives.

I have participated in a few work experience placements. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

It started when I was still at school and used to help out in my local playschool in the holidays. I would sit and read to the children who were aged 2-4. I would help them paint; learn their A, b, c's and their 1, 2, 3's.
When I was older I helped in a summer school activity week at a local church. I was involved in the performances they put on every morning.

This would get the children involved and excited for what was going to happen throughout the day. They would sing and dance. I would teach them actions to the words so they could understand what they meant. This activity week ranged from ages 5-11. I worked with a variety of these ages.

I also helped out at my old primary school, for my work experience week. Here I took the register, told the children what the agenda was through out the day and made sure everyone was happy. I was placed in a separate room with a handful of children to listen to them read. Gave the children confidence in what they were doing, by telling them 'that's good', 'very well read' etc - this grew their confidence as well as mine.

At the end of the week the children put on a play about the Indian life style. To do this they had to create creatures out of paper Mache. Some of the children took to this very well whereas others got distracted with the glue and paper. They would mess about and throw them at each other.

It was my place to tell them what they were doing was wrong. This gave me confidence because I knew that they had to listen to me. Some of them did listen to me however some of them did not. I knew that this was a skill that I needed to work on.

One of the children during my week tried to escape from the school. I had to calm her down. I sat with her and she told me why she was not happy. This showed me a different side of what being a teacher is really like. It was a lot more in-depth than I had imagined but I enjoyed it. It was nice to have that bond with the students.

This particular experience, allowed me to gain a number of skills and also encourage my weaker skills to improve. It has always been known to me that I am very good listener, which is a skill needed, as is being able to speak in public. I found that my communication ability improved as I got to know students which encouraged my confidence to improve.

I left school with 8 GCSE's. These included: English language and English Literature. Maths, Drama, French, Religious studies, and Health and Social care.

I was a senior prefect at school, which gave me quite a lot of responsibility. We would regularly have meetings about the school and discuss different matters that were going on in the school. It was my personal responsibility to keep the dinner queue in order. Each year had its own time to line up and students would regularly try to push in, it was my responsibility to not let this happen.

I was also a form friend where I worked closely with a year seven tutor group. I would make sure they had done all their homework and were enjoying being a secondary school student.

I am currently at Bridgwater College, where I am studying: A2 Sociology, A2 English Language and A2 Drama. I am also studying GCSE Science as it is one of my weaker stills and I know I need this to get into a teaching degree course.

I am student ambassador at Bridgwater. I represent the college in a number of ways. I help out on a lot of open and interview days. I show new students around the college and give them an incite of what college life is really like.

I represent the college in and out of college time. I have attended a number of schools, and spoken to up coming college students about the college.
Being an ambassador takes up a lot of time, and dedication.

I believe for these reasons I would be a good primary school teacher because I am used to the responsibility, and have gained some very important skills along the way.

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This personal statement was written by kayleigh-may for application in 2000.


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