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I have always wanted to help people to communicate with others. With the exciting development of Web 2.0 and its impact on the World Wide Web, such as Google Documents and the ever-growing collection of social communication programs, I would very much like to be part of this evolution and expansion within the internet. Studying Software Engineering would equip me with
the knowledge and skills to enter the field of software development. I want to enable people to communicate effectively, not just commercial interests, but also the individual home user,particularly through rich internet applications.

This desire has led me to actively seek opportunities to provide and facilitate information exchange via the internet. Visiting the website of the acoustic band, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I discovered that their current design was poor and the site was not used to full effect. Following the concert I approached the band and offered to redesign the site for them in order to maximise their avenues of communication with their audience. Using a mixture of hand coded HTML and CSS, along with some design using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I produced a site
that has vastly increased usability and functionality. Due to the success of this project I am now in the process of writing a website for an independent wine merchant. These projects have been particularly fulfilling to me so far because I am entirely self-taught in HTML and CSS. It has also given me the confidence to begin learning BASIC in my free time. I am eager to
start expanding my knowledge into application programming at university.

Last year I spent two weeks working at XXXXXXXXX County Council in their systems section, observing the various teams and providing technical support across the department. I was able to fully understand the necessity for effective communication throughout the department and the needs of both internal users of the systems, as well as individuals accessing the
council's website and online recruitment services. I was able to talk to a variety of managers about the need for multi-skilled programmers and how business and communication skills are becoming increasingly necessary within the IT industry. I also witnessed the programming of parts of the new payroll system and internal IM program.

Prior to returning to academic study, I worked for XXXXXXXXXX Company in a shop management role. This enabled me to develop my skills in project management, communication, and balancing the needs of a variety of people. I thoroughly enjoyed this position, finding it rewarding, and it influenced my choice of A-levels.

Studying an A-level in mathematics has been particularly satisfying as the logical processes and provable solutions have provided juxtaposition to my other subjects. Business Studies has provided me with a better understanding of how industries operate and has increased my desire to work in a modern environment. This has been supported by my AS-level in Applied ICT, which
gave me a wider experience of managing projects in an industry-based scenario. Geography has also aided my understanding of the world around us; my particular interest being the work of the movement, Intermediate Technology, towards ending the "information poverty" experienced around the world.

In addition to my academic studies I practise Aikido for four hours a week, finding the combination of mental and physical focus fun and different to other activities. I take part in debating and public speaking, having competed in county competitions in both. I am also studying for grade 6 in classical piano, and grade 4 in saxophone.

Combining my experiences, academic studies, and outside interests, I feel I bring a positive and rounded perspective to software engineering, ultimately one that will be desirable and necessary in the increasingly important world of software engineering.

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This personal statement was written by Happytin for application in 2008.

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Even though I applied for Software Engineering, my previous experiences haven't been particularly computer-oriented. I wanted to show you that it is possible to get into these sorts of courses even if you don't have a massive amount of experience and you haven't programmed your own game of Cluedo in your spare time.


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This is great as your comment makes me feel much better about applying with minimum knowledge about any programming languages, with my limits being HTML, CSS and a little PHP. This has boosted my confidence now, thank you.

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