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The inner workings of society have been a topic that has deeply interested me for a long period of time. Issues such as why society is shaped the way it is and why religions have such a major influence on the lives of many were left unanswered until I began my studies in Sociology.

The Marxist perspective of society being a capitalist force, made to benefit those higher up the social ladder by depriving the working class is one that has appealed to me the most.

Learning this has lead me to researching this topic to explore where I stand in what Marxists call the "capitalist" society. I have a keen interest in this subject although I do not possess any fixed ideals, which means I am ready to discover, discuss and learn about many ideas and maybe in time allow one to influence my thought process in day to day life.

I have also chosen to study English Literature, and through this I have not only developed my analytical skills but have also learned how to maintain an accuracy with the manner in which I express my ideas; these skills I feel will complement the course I plan to study at university.

An example of the skills I have practiced are demonstrated through my coursework on “Death of a Salesman”.

After analysing and evaluating the text I used this information to present my own emotions, and insights by creating a Monologue expressed through the voice of “Biff.” Studying Calvinism in Sociology, which is also a topic we touch on in History in our studies of Charles I, has enabled me to research deeper in to Calvinism and have a more detailed understanding of the concept Max Weber discusses in Sociology involving the connection between Calvinism and Capitalism.

I believe my chosen A-level subjects have provided me with an excellent set of skills, particularly in independent studies.

After my degree, I hope to pursue a PGCE. To equip me better to achieve this goal, I have undertaken many responsibilities outside of college, including babysitting and reading to younger children, both of which are experiences I have found thoroughly rewarding.

I gained not only a sense of satisfaction by helping to make a difference in the lives of children but I simultaneously acquired familiarity when working with younger people on a one to one basis. By working with children, my passion to become a teacher has been intensified as I aspire to help others in fulfilling their dreams and consequently accomplish my own.

I like to be fully involved in matters which concern the College and the well-being of the students, and for this reason I have become an active member of the Student Parliament in which I am proud to voice the opinions of my fellow students.

I feel to voice your opinion and be heard you need to be an active member of society and be involved in matters to which you feel deeply attached. For these reasons I felt obliged to take part in a peaceful demonstration against the rise of tuition fees in the UK.

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual with a creative mind and an enthusiasim for Sociology and would love to have the chance to explore this topic further at university. I understand that university will indeed be a challenge but I feel I am prepared and ready for the task ahead of me.

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This personal statement was written by seher for application in 2012.

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Great personal statement

Great personal statement faizan. Love the opening paragraph and the bit about accomplishing your dreams by helping others fulfil theirs. Love love loveeeee ittt!

very useful

This personal statement is so clear and precise it has all the elements of a great personal statement and has helped me so much in thinking about what I need to write in mine. Its one of the best I've seen!! What unis did you get in to???

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