Sociology Personal Statement Example 2

Society’s dynamics affect every aspect of our lives, from the seemingly trivial to those of utmost importance.

Sociology is vital as it helps to inform politics with the latest trends in crime, poverty, education and culture determining government policy, therefore, sociology becomes integral to my life completely. The essential nature of sociology means I feel a powerful urge to study it more.

Marxism, as a key perspective, when discussing the application of sociology in our society, has appealed to me in realising the ways in which a particular social institution acts or is used to benefit capitalism.

The recognition that capitalism is used to create an ideological state has inspired me to research further the idea that… “Capital is dead labour, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks.” What interests me in studying this subject is the idea that other perspectives will influence my thinking, as I don’t have fixed ideals, but am keen to absorb many.

I have enjoyed Methodologies particularly researchers such as Milgram and his study of obedience, James Patrick, a ‘Glasgow gang observed’ and Lord Humphrey’s ‘tearoom trade’.

These studies have inspired me to generate my own research in order to discover the latest trends and patterns in modern society associated with a capitalist perspective. Although producing a piece of primary data is difficult, especially due to time and cost, the determination of finding the empirical evidence drives me to success.

University will provide me with an opportunity not only for extending my educational knowledge into the subject area but also pursuing my personal interests into societies which the university offers. Activities such as swimming and dance are sports I would certainly choose to participate in and I would be keen to have a voice on the student union.

Previous experiences with different peer groups through being a dance and special needs reading mentor and work experience in a primary school have assisted me in relating to others from different ages and family backgrounds. The study of psychology that I’ve so much enjoyed at A-level shows my development of a sociological imagination; adding to my enthusiasm into exploring human behaviour within society.

I am passionately involved in dog obedience training which together with badminton are activities I would love to pursue at university. I feel they help to improve many key skills I have to offer including independence, leadership and socialising.

These personal strengths have also matured through extra-curricular activities such as the Young Enterprise Scheme where a Human Resources position became my responsibility for one year. Not only did we create a successful product and generate profit, but as a team we also acquired a place at the County Finals for being an exceptional company.

Regular participation in charity work, such as the yearly McMillan Cancer Relief coffee morning and charity dog competitions have increased my awareness of others and improved my means of organisation and I would enjoy becoming involved with a range of inspirational activities such as these within university.

I am a committed and reliable student who is passionate about her work and I feel that university will become the ideal environment in which my studies and I will be able to expand in order for me to thrive as a person. The prospects of a challenging and demanding degree course motivate me towards success and create the foundations for a triumphant future career.

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This personal statement was written by emilymorris18 for application in 2007.


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this is emily the writer

i cant get on the thing to make my profile so i thought id just write mt offers were:
University of Durham
University of Warwick
University of Birmingham
University of York
Univeristy of Sussex
Goldsmith College, Univeristy of London
(no refusals)

Hi Emily,

Hi Emily,

Sorry, some of the advanced profile features are currently disabled. I'll let you know when they're working again and you can update your profile properly.


thankx tom

thankx tom


How I wish I had the brains to be able to write like that.

Excellent Personal Statement

your personal statement has to be the best one ive seen so far, i am currently in the process of writing my personal statement and i have to say that mine doesnt even come close to yours. You should be proud of yourself. Well done.

Great Job!

I too, am currently working on my personal statement and I turned to yours for a little guidance. I must say, mine is far from sounding anything like yours! Again, you should be very proud of yourself!

how did you write this? its

how did you write this? its incredible

You spelt Laud Humphreys

You spelt Laud Humphreys wrong hehe

no its spelt as 'Lord

no its spelt as 'Lord Humphrey' NOT laud

actually it is supposed to be

actually it is supposed to be spelt Laud Humphreys!! - his name is Laud - he does not have a title so he is not a Lord


Many thanks for your statement, I wish I could be more like you and write as if it is so easy,

Yours Sincerley

John P Meakin

Excellent personal statement

i am to in the progress of writing my personal statement and refering to yours has been of great help.


it IS Laud Humphries not Lord! Ah well, im sure with the excellent content nobody will notice spelling!

Hey i just want to thank

Hey i just want to thank everyone for the lovely comments :-)!!

Those of you who are finding it difficult don't worry too much, i wrote about 5drafts before i got this, and initially i just wrote a load of rubbish!haha

Anyways im not too bothered about the Lord/Laud thing as it didnt seem to dismay any of the universities!

Just so u all know i am now at the university of warwick


Wow. This is amazing.This is

Wow. This is amazing.This is my first attempt to begin PLANNING my own statement and i've never even seen one before and then i look at yours! I don't know whether i could ever even come close. it's fantastic-WELL DONE. Krish x

yeah, its LAUD Humphries - he

yeah, its LAUD Humphries - he was american, they dont have they?


This is so pretentious I was just waiting to hear the predictable charity work you took part in!


I know it sounds harsh, but there has to be one bad comment

WOW!!!! fantastic PS. i'm

WOW!!!! fantastic PS. i'm trying to write up my PS but finding it really hard to get going. keep up the good work! lol. all the best!!! x

I'm gonna be honest your

I'm gonna be honest your personal statement is very good but could you possibly sound more arrogant or egotistical? i am an admissions tutor at leeds, and where i would offer you a place i would rather give a place to someone who seems to be more enthusiatic about all the sports and hobbbies in her life than trying to impress us with long words and quotes from Marx. however well done!

thats an amazing personal

thats an amazing personal statement


I would not admitt you into a jr. college

Excellent personal statement

hey well done mate, you have

hey well done mate, you have inspired me and gave me the courage to do mine.I hope lifes doing you well good luck xx

it's one of a good personal

it's one of a good personal statement that I've ever read. I just curious and want to ask, is it very important to show some social theory on those letter? I mean, I do know some theory like Giddens or Marcuse, but I'm not good in Marx. But, once again, this statement was a perfect guide. thx

@ leeds admissions tutor.

@ leeds admissions tutor.
It's quite laughable that as an academic institution you would rather someone talk about sports than Marx. But then again, I guess that says a lot about Leeds, doesn't it?

to the above comment

loooooool you killed the admssions tutor

omg im dying how the hell did

omg im dying how the hell did u write this!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful work

wonderful work

This is amazing, very well

This is amazing, very well done. I wish I could write like this- I am dreading starting to write my personal statement xx


Right. I decided to google sociology personal statements to see the sort of thing people were writing. How on Earth did you come up with this? It's amazing.


im so inspired!!
im applying warwick to do sociology as well. but im reali worried about my PS.

very good personal statement

very good personal statement

ur personal statement is so

ur personal statement is so inspiring! :D

This is well written but

This is well written but pseudo-intellectual tosh.

Why would you want to study a subject which the 'cspitalist state' by definition deploys to further its 'Vampire-like' exploitation of labour?

Marx say all the cultural superstructure which sits atop the class relationships, is there to promote and perpetuate those (exploitative) relationships, this includes the state and thus sociology departments. :)

Still this is why ones goes to university I learn?


Youre supposed to sound a little arrogant on these! Much like CV's, universities are not looking for doubt, maybes and lack of confidence they are looking for I CAN AND WILL.

Hence why this is a phenomenal example of a application form, hence the great rating, this has been so much help, well done and thank you x


what grades did you have alongside this that made you a stronger candidate/ got you in?

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