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I have always enjoyed the study of criminals and how factors in society affect levels of crime.

Studying social history in history, particularly which of the reform period in Victorian times intrigued me into studying further how social policy with regards affects how we live. English Language and Literature gives me analytical skills and helps me understand differences in spoke and written languages in different class and cultures. RS&PSE has given me an interest in psychology or crime, ethics and how faith affects society.

I have visited the Metropolitan Police Force and spent two weeks work experience for Sussex Police. This gave me a great insight into how crime is tackled in urban areas as well as more rural ones. I have visited concentration camps in Germany that enabled me to see how sociological issues make people commit war crimes. I have also been a witness to the Houses of Parliament and at the Old Bailey on a recent visit to London to see how the political and legal systems really work in this country whihc will help me with both social policy and criminology respectively.

I have played regularly for my school first team as well as for a local team in Hove outside of school. This has given me team work skills I perhaps lacked before and this helped me when I marketed a product in a group for Young Enterprise. I have had two weeks work experience in a bursary at a top restaurant locally and was delighted to receive a part time job as a waiter as a result of this.

I believe I have the skills needed to pursue a criminology course at University which I feel is perfectly suited to my independent learning style.

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This personal statement was written by JamieWils for application in 2005.

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Part of this PS has been taken out - this is most of it however.


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^ clearly it can be seen that

^ clearly it can be seen that this personal statement was written in 2005, so this person is probably in university as we speak. So not sure that he needs the help now!

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