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My life, as well as the lives of others around me, have been constantly dictated to by the social environment and the intricate way in which society has developed and progressed. My interest in sociology was sparked off at a lecture that was held by the influential author, Owen Jones. His ideas about the Marxist theory and how our futures were determined by individuals in positions of power, but more importantly how we can overcome this, awakened in me the curiosity to learn more about sociological influences that affect our daily lives. The way in which we have all been affected in many different subtle ways and my increased ability to examine this, has motivated me to want to know more about sociology, and therefore the world around me.

My lessons have included passionate debates on topics such as Marxism, sexism and religion; these debates have been thought provoking, making me re-examine the choices I have made and my everyday actions. I have discovered so much about the indirect influences on individual, as well as group behaviour, and would like to continue learning. Through reading various books including The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan I have been able to enhance my sociological knowledge and then incorporate these additional ideas into my essays, resulting in refined analytical and evaluative skills and an overall improved grade.

Psychology has contributed to my understanding of Sociology. For instance Asch's findings on conformity have allowed me to see why different social groups may or may not side with the majority, therefore instigating or hindering social change. Forming a study group for Psychology has enabled me to transfer my knowledge to others in a coherent way, whilst strengthening my own understanding. Biology has always fascinated me; competence and organisation have all been established from me presenting information in Biology lessons to my peers. Biology is a relevant science, however I believe that we are more than a simple combination of elements and Sociology is by far the superior subject, as it answers the questions that are posed due to human actions.

I pursued my interest in Sociology by volunteering as a guidance counsellor with the Youth2Youth team. This has allowed me to talk with people from different communities and backgrounds. The Youth2Youth national helpline has given me the opportunity to be compassionate towards the callers who are facing difficulties. I developed skills such as communication, when I reassured the callers and teamwork as I worked with others in an intimate setting. This has contributed to my realisation that I want to continue helping young adults, and pursue a career relating to youth work. The course will increase my understanding of the different social situations that young adults may be put into, so that I am better equipped to help them.

Being elected class representative has allowed me to exercise my leadership skills and pioneer change. Working at Ealing Hospital's League of Friends Cafe has taught me how to be more punctual and flexible, which are qualities that are appreciated in university. In addition to this I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, volunteered for six months at a nursing home, and performed in various school productions, all of which has led to my increase in self-confidence. The variety of activities shows that I am an active person when it comes to pursuing my interests, acquiring new skills from each experience, yet I am able to maintain a healthy academic career.

I am a fully dedicated student who is determined to succeed and I will draw from my many different experiences and passion for the subject, to integrate myself into university life and the course. This opportunity will fuel my passion for learning about my environment, the people around me, but more importantly about myself.

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This personal statement was written by Tas for application in 2014.

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Reading other statements on Studential helped me write my personal statement, and I've gotten into all 5 of my university choices, which I'm so please about. So I'm uploading my personal statement on here to let others read it, see what they think, and maybe it can even help someone who's struggling with their own personal statement!


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