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Being able to engage and immerse myself in a thought-provoking subject such as Sociology has allowed me to develop a desire to delve even deeper into it at an advanced level.
As unpredictable liberated beings, having a means of examining the connections between humans and social organization through Sociology has enabled me to comprehend human behaviour and social stratification; to question rather than accept; allowing me to appreciate the inquisitiveness nature, which I believe is the essence of this subject. Therefore I place considerable value on my interest of broadening my knowledge and becoming an academic on a graduate level within this field.

The spark of interest Sociology has created is partly due to its uniquely refreshing outlook, exploring various aspects of society I have always found intriguing, whilst also exposing areas that I had previously subconsciously held as being trivial. By delving into the science, laws and development of human society and their interaction with institutions of the wider-world, topics within the subject will provide me with an eye-opening enlightenment into all aspects of the human condition, whilst also giving me a broad understanding of the consequence social change brings to wider-society and institutions as a whole.

Debates within the classroom have granted me the opportunity to analyse arguments across all the sociological perspectives. For example I find Marxism compelling, although some may say rather radical as it brings forth the conflicting issues in society that we would otherwise disregard. The nature of the subject also means that I am able to interpret other aspects of my life in a sociological fashion with critique, influencing my opinion on matters that I would otherwise limit to one set of fixed ideals.

The study of Psychology alongside Sociology has helped me understand the basis of human nature on a micro level, linking biological cognitions to social and behavioural factors. For instance I find the power of conformity very intriguing when we would otherwise claim to be individualistic beings. Politics on the other hand has helped me identify the political influences on society and the result it has on social relations.
Combining the subjects has allowed me to draw comparisons across various fields of society with practical synchronization, providing a means of mentally analogising and applying my knowledge on all aspects of society's dynamics.
Alongside my academic studies, my admiration for fictional writing had become apparent from a young age, with one of my favourite novelist being Khaled Hosseini and his book The Kite Runner, which addresses historical conflicts and influence of classism.

As part of my Year 10 work experience program I had spent two weeks assisting at a local primary school, and most recently as a volunteer at a Summer School. I thoroughly enjoyed the gratifying experiences of working with younger students, with both opportunities giving me substantial insight, further reinforcing my pursuit of a career in teaching. Also during the first year of my A-level studies, becoming a member of the Student Council allowed me to collaborate with peers and make valuable contributions within the meetings discussing student events/organizations. Having a part-time job in retail has not only allowed me to enhance my problem solving, communication and invaluable team-building skills but also my time management ability which I hope to carry forward towards my undergraduate studies.

The university setting appeals to me as the ideal environment to engage myself in enticing theories within an ever-expanding subject, whilst also enabling me to thrive as a person.
I consider myself a hard-working and determined individual thus will view any challenges I face within my university life as a drive towards success. I look forward to studying Sociology within a stimulating environment where I have the opportunity to fulfil my potential.

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This personal statement was written by snsx for application in 2013.

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Sheffield Hallam University
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The University of Hull

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Worked very hard on this, and ended up getting 4/5 offers so I'm happpy. This site helped a lot in the personal statement process, hope mine does too x

University of Leeds (Offer)
Sheffield Hallam University (Offer)
University of Hull (Offer)
University of Sheffield (Offer)
University of Leicester (Rejection)


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