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I have always only really been certain of one thing; that I want to help others. It was not until I was introduced to the subject of Sociology that I was made aware of how I could transmit this into a goal of a career in human rights. My understanding of the world has been enhanced since, and the necessity of Sociology has become clear to me- it enables us to understand why things are how they are, interlinking with politics to provide a pathway to human development. Therefore, it is just as vital to the world as medicine and mathematics; whilst some wish to make their difference in pathways such as these, I wish to make a difference via Politics and Sociology.

My keen interest in Marxist concepts of inequality and my disbelief at functionalist concepts was made inevitable by my upbringing. My experiences of growing up in a council estate in Brixton and then attending a school in a highly middle-class area, have meant that I have been exposed to both sides of the social strata. Subsequently, my bewilderment at the dysfunctional nature of our society and its unequal distribution of wealth has been prevalent in me from a young age. My awareness of the importance for Social Policy is an insight my upbringing has given me. Personally experiencing and witnessing the damage poor Social Policy can cause has ensured my motivation to explore this topic.

Furthering my interest on theories of social class, I am currently reading ‘Chavs: The demonization of the working class’ by Owen Jones, The book’s honest, painstakingly relevant reflections of society illustrate the prejudices against the working class prevalent, fuelling my curiosity at the ongoing class conflicts and myth of meritocracy which surround us.

The contrast of economic welfare and freedom humans are entitled to globally is disturbing to . On my travels to my home country of Thailand, I have encountered poverty-stricken, shockingly deprived areas and observed the effects of sexist and racist norms which still permeate Thailand’s culture. Witnessing this whilst knowing that Thailand is in fact one of the much more developed countries in Asia, has saddened and furthered my aspiration to expand my knowledge of Politics and Sociology to a global level.

The skills of expression, analysis, and evaluation that I have accumulated through my other A-level subjects of English and Philosophy, will support my studies at degree level. In the module of ‘The immigrant experience’ I am completing in English, texts of ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ by Mosin Hamid and ‘Brick Lane’ by Monica Ali, have given me a personal perspective on the marginalisation of ethnic minorities. I look forward to developing my knowledge through texts I will explore in my studies at university.

Whilst being heavily studious, I equalise this with my participation in the school community. I enjoy taking part in the debate club, and netball club. In my spare time, I work towards achieving my grade 6 Piano and perfecting my fluency in the writing of the Thai language.

My experience as a volunteer has furthered my empathy skills while providing further insights into the operational aspects of sociology. When working for TRAID in Brixton, an organisation which turns clothes waste into funds and resources to eliminate the environmental and social impact of our clothes, my awareness was heightened of a system of global exploitation maintained by our consumption. Other work experience I have had including promotional work of brands such as ‘Via Van’ and teaching children keyboard have developed my work ethic and enhanced my teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills.

My ambition to pursue a career in human rights combined with my academic ability and confidence in confronting challenges lead me to believe I will thrive doing a degree in Politics and Sociology.

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