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It was only when I attended a Model United Nations conference that I considered studying Politics. The reason that I had enrolled into the program was because I enjoy public speaking. I was the ambassador for Honduras and a member of the Economic and Social Committee on which we debated income inequality.

The role of ambassador meant that I had to organise and lead 'country' meetings to ensure that all of my delegates were prepared.

Researching for the Eco-Sco Committee and background of Honduras gave me a real insight to a country I knew very little about. I was able to collate my research effectively to construct reasoned arguments, a skill I hope to develop through studying Politics and Sociology.

I found debating on another country's resolution exhilarating and after a weekend of role-play it began to feel real. Researching Honduras' economic and social issues, both their society and culture, was fascinating.

Finding out about a country's different structure and traditions interested me greatly so much I leapt at the chance to travel to Hungary. I had never been to a former communist country before.

A highlight was visiting Memento Park where I was able to see the remains of the communist dictatorship. It was also interesting talking to my host to see how communism and the transition had affected her personally.

Knowing that I had an interest in Politics my host organised a tour of the Parliament building in Budapest. I was able to find out about the workings of their coalition government and quirky traditions. It was a truly memorable trip, one where I could gain knowledge, that was more personal then I could gain from a textbook that inspired me to want to study Politics and Sociology.

When I was studying Religious Studies AS Level it was refreshing to see sociological theories towards religion.

One theory that stuck out for me was Emile Durkheim theory that said religion was due to a need for social unity, it was a completely different angle on religion I had never come across before.

RS has taught me to be accepting of new ideas and to think from a different perspective. I think that to be a positive member of society I need to understand how it works. Politics and sociology are inter-disciplinary, so by reading both at university I will be able to view the world from different perspectives.

At school, I try and throw myself into many activities. I have completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in which I have learnt dedication and self-confidence, as I was able, to step in when things got heated.

It has also given me an interest in the outdoors and that is why I am presently raising money for a World Challenge trip to Guatemala and Belize, where we will be tackling the highest peak in Central America, Mount Tajumulco.

I was the Deputy Managing Director of a successful Young Enterprise Company. I had to hold weekly meetings and oversee each department. Being appointed House Captain, one of thirteen prefects, has been a rewarding experience, not only has it improved my organisational skills but taught me how to communicate with others in a clear, succinct way.

I enjoy sport, particularly Lacrosse; I currently play for my school's first Lacrosse team. This has taught me commitment and teamwork. I also participate in Speech and Drama lessons where I am currently working towards my Bronze Medal Acting Award.

I am a friendly and approachable person, I am member of the 'Buddy System' where I have befriended an overseas girl and a Senior Sister where I took a year 7 girl under my wing.

With the knowledge and experiences I have gained I finally feel to take on new challenges at university.

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This personal statement was written by icepunck for application in 2009.


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great PS, I hope you are enjoying your studies


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