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“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one seventh of its bulk above water”-Sigmund Freud.

The subject of psychology has been a fascination of mine for many years, even as a child I constantly pondered the motivations of those around me. As the oldest child, I often found myself put in charge of the younger members of the family which provided me with plenty of opportunities to observe their behavior.

Moreover, my father served in the military and I could not help but notice the difference in his attitude every time the topic of war or conflict came up. From the subtle changes in his facial expressions and tone of voice to the way he would position then reposition himself. As a result, I am particularly interested in a career in rehabilitation; either working with veterans returning to civilian life or as part of the prison service.

After high school, I worked as a dental technician and learnt the importance of clear communication as well as the capacity to work as part of a team towards a common goal. Both important skills that I believe I will both benefit from and improve during my time at university.

During this time, I also noticed the incredible psychological difference in a patient’s self-esteem after completing their treatment; and discovered the importance of personal perspective. This experience directly contributed to my fascination with psychology.

During the transitional period from a full-time career as a technician to full time student I worked as a receptionist at Bannatyne Health Club and Spa in Edinburgh before moving to Glasgow. This experience gave me the opportunity to develop and improve both my IT and communication skills.

Moreover, I volunteered with Edinburgh food bank and discovered the significance of possessing a non-judgemental attitude, whilst simultaneously improving my understanding and empathy towards others from a less privileged back ground. Including the impact of environmental factors, as well as the role they play in the socialisation process which directly influences one’s decisions and individual perspectives.

I am currently enrolled on the Scottish Wider Access Programme, which has provided me with a clear introduction to the social sciences, including psychology. The units we have covered so far have helped develop the necessary skills and self-motivation required to succeed at university.

A significant amount of the course includes lectures, however many of the units require students to use their initiative and develop independent study skills such as time management, prioritisation and conducting, analysing and critically evaluating research information.

Whether producing a report, writing an essay or preparing a power point presentation this course has helped to greatly improve my communication skills; both written and verbal. I am confident the skills and experience I have gained during my previous careers and as a full-time student has helped develop both the foundation and self-motivation to succeed and enjoy the demands of university.

In my spare time, I enjoy boxing at my local boxing gym as well as socialising with fellow student in my accommodation. Reading, particularly self-help motivational books, is another favourite past time of mine.

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I applied to Glasgow, Strathclyde and Stirling University.
Currently I have received offers back from both Glasgow and Strathclyde and am waiting to hear back from Stirling.
I am just curious as to what other people think of my personal statement.


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