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The mind is incredibly intriguing to me, how it differs throughout age, culture and gender and how each approach gives an equally arguable explanation for its development. My motivation to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health is what first introduced me to the adventurously knowledgeable world of psychology.

It amazes me how our entire world is in our brain, our behaviour, our perception, our memories, our personality, this led me to choosing to study Psychology at A-level and after thoroughly enjoying studying the topic, learning about the implications, involvement and impact psychology has had in the world, I have discovered my addiction for psychology; especially topics of abnormality and cognitive psychology and I would love to continue to further my knowledge and study Psychology at a higher level.

I have studied a mixture of subjects for my A-levels that range from creative to scientific and social, giving me a range of skills that have developed me into a well-rounded student.

At AS I studied Film which evolved my essay writing skills with weekly essays as did psychology producing enhanced vocabulary and an ability to write comfortably in a well-structured manner.

I am currently studying Health and Social care which has developed my interpersonal skills such as how to communicate depending on the context. Both Health and Social and Music have handed me the importance of deadlines and the ability to organize and meet them through coursework.

Studying music performance since year 10 has given me so many opportunities including several performances at St. Georges Hall which have greatly enhanced my confidence with crowds and pressure.

Organising, putting on and taking part in a concert has given me the great opportunity of working in a team and has taught me how the environment and our actions can influence an audiences behaviour.

Throughout my music studies, I have combined my love for psychology with music in creating a presentation into how music affects the brain, in which I conducted my own successful experiment into the Mozart effect.

This project alone has provided me with organisational, research and communicational skills as well as practical research experience which will be an advantage to me in research methods.

In the past year I have volunteered as a class room assistant working with children with special needs, which taught me to adapt to an individual's needs.

Psychology has been a huge influence leading me to get involved in such projects as 'Time to Change' back in October 2012 on World Mental Health Day, where I volunteered speaking to the public about mental health discrimination which deepened my people skills predominantly.

This was a very memorable experience because I was given the honour to promote the end of mental health discrimination to lots of different people and felt we had achieved in making a change.

This work in volunteering has lead me to an increased interest in helping others and making a change so I have recently applied as a volunteer with the helpline Samaritans and cannot wait to begin this experience too.

Psychology is more than just an interest to me, it is a hobby. I love researching, watching vlogs and reading books such as Henry's Demons and Pioneers of Psychology about the development of psychology, the differences this field has made, how our minds work and how mental health is portrayed through the media; both negatively and positively.

Being a quick learner has lead me to become a self-taught musician and I love learning new instruments in my spare time, it gives me a productive activity when breaking from revision.

I am a highly determined person who will go above and beyond what is expected to excel at what I do.

There is still much to learn about the brain and human behaviour and I hope that by being given an opportunity to study Psychology at University I will reach all of my goals in life and use my knowledge to make an impact people lives.

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