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Why do humans act the way they do? It seems a simple question, but you're as likely to know the answer as you are to learn of the meaning of life. But that doesn't mean we don't try.

When I applied for college, I took psychology simply because I was curious, but now, it enthrals me; studying the different theories put forward as to why we do certain things, or why we don't; delving into the minds of the depressed, the murderous or the deranged and generally trying to explain the things we do unconsciously, like conform.

To what lengths can we know about ourselves and what we do? I want to know everything there is to know, to discover the answers, or understand the arguments and counter-arguments; to comprehend how our mind works and what purpose these functions have, or how we remember and recall; why we help or defend; how our mind can cause us illness.

All these things are just a sample of what captivates me with psychology, as well as reading the articles in 'Psychology Review', which I subscribed for this year.

Along with psychology, I wish to study philosophy, which has fascinated me since my first lesson. I've always been criticised for looking too deeply into things rather then just accepting them, but philosophy showed me that I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last, to do so.

It is a lesson that's different from the rest in that it teaches you how to think, not what to think. It gives you ideas of why we are here, or what brought us here. It spans several key areas including Theology, Politics and Biology. So, by studying one subject, other subjects are dealt with. It's unique and severely underestimated. It's a difficult subject, but one that allows your own personality to have access.

This is why I think I'm a good applicant. I know I'm hardworking, and I'm definitely dedicated to this course.

Moreover, there were numerous times during school where I was asked to help during certain activities, such as showing people around on open days or making speeches on awards evenings, therefore proving that I am responsible and reliable.

Recently, I helped out at the college open evening for both psychology and philosophy, explaining to potential learners why I like the course and why they ought to consider taking it. I enjoy practical work and I did an experiment for my Psychology coursework, looking into the matching hypothesis, not long ago.

This was fun and entertaining, and also involved great personal discipline and commitment to ensure it worked properly.

Although individual work like this is almost second nature, I find teamwork to be a strong point, due to my part-time job at a hotel. This involves a great deal of cooperation, otherwise it would be impossible to do the job properly.

Every person has a part to play, and if they didn't do their job, the rest of the circle would fall apart. The same applies in any team.

Everyone needs to be involved and work properly for the rest of the team to advance. This became obvious when participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Although extremely fun and rewarding, this required intense teamwork during the walks and the other sections involved dedication and hard work. These attributes can help whilst studying for the course.

It is for these reasons that the Joint-Award interests me. With it, I want to take a career in psychology. I want to help this discipline in some way, or at least to ensure that what we know already is used to benefit others.

I want to learn a great deal of knowledge to be able to go into the world and use it to its full potential, either by helping expand our knowledge, use our awareness properly or, even, passing on the theories to new psychologists.

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This personal statement was written by Bullocky1990 for application in 2008.

Bullocky1990's Comments

This application was sent off to apply for:

Warwick University: Offer
St. Andrews: Declined
Oxford: Offer
Oxford Brookes: Offer
Leeds: Declined

If your interested, I accepted the brookes offer, simply because i found this uni the most welcoming during the open days, and I 'only' managed AAB which is why I didn't go Oxford. But i'm happy. :)

Anyway, i hope this helps give you some ideas, i know how hard it is to write one! Good Luck!


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Your Personal statement !

it is really good! what University did you get in to?

It seems like a good genuine

It seems like a good genuine and very different structure to what i thought you could write. As it happens i both want to do the same course and would seem to be like the person who wrote this. Because its so unique though could the author please tell me if this was actually used for their ucas app and also what uni they got into as it would help me understand the level of uni you could approach with this style of statement.


very nicley written, i feel

very nicley written, i feel as though you firmy balanced the necessary formality associated with writing a personal statement and yet were able to make it 'personal'. i really believe that u have a passionate view of ur chosen subjects and a refreshing take on how you can use the knowledge you will require to 'help the world' in a sense. i also thought that you displayed the positive aspects of your person strongly without seemingly the least bit arrogant! well done..


don't use contractions in your personal statement. Even the most liberally minded philosopher reading your ps won't like to see it at uni

Informality.... not ideally appealing.

I read with initial expectations of professionalism and formality, yet I became abruptly bombarded with an overuse of colloquial contractions. Could have been worse :)

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