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My belief is that understanding the universe and everything in it is the primary goal of mankind. Our ability to imagine new ideas, new technologies and build up detailed pictures and opinions of the world mark us as distinctly different from our homosapien ancestors.

Ultimately, understanding is responsible for all human advancement. I believe that my understanding of myself, the universe and the people around me will be best improved through the study of physics and philosophy at university.

I have always had a very questioning mind, and I am interested in a huge array of subjects. The course I have chosen at university is perhaps the broadest course available. It strives to answer the most fundamental questions about the mind and nature.

This course provides the best environment for my abilities in mathematics and critical and analytical thinking to flourish. So that maybe one day I will be at the cutting edge of understanding, helping to push at the boundaries.

From a very young age I have enjoyed forming, adapting and dismantling theories about the world around me. Naturally searching for generalities that would explain the relationships I noticed between my experiences. I was extremely excited by the realisation that I could study these thoughts and ideas in depth at university.

I look forward to being able to think about philosophy with a more focused and intense approach at university.

I am deeply passionate about the ability of mathematics to explain all the forces and phenomena of the universe. The scope of mathematics is limitless. What physicists have achieved using mathematics is truly magical. Applying mathematics successfully to solve a problem is immensely satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoy maths at A level, especially the mechanics modules which are closely related to physics. In physics, I am particularly interested in the quantum physics modules I studied in AS level, which talked about how phenomena arise at the atomic level.

Outside of school I have weekly 2 hour lessons in French and Spanish. This is mainly to support of my passion for travel. I love experiencing different cultures and people, but resent the language barrier. Similarly there is much to be learned through history, which is why I have pursued history at A level. I also take an interest in politics, especially American politics since they are some of the most influential, and being an American citizen I intend to exercise my right to vote. I am also involved in running a successful science club for lower school children.

I love physical exercise and playing sports. In addition to football and basketball, lately I have played a lot of tennis. I cycle everywhere and go to the gym when I have the time as I feel a healthy body is important to keep your mind sharp. My father is a musician so his influence has resulted in me having a keen interest in music; I am self taught on the guitar and drums.

Recently I have been learning some classical pieces on the piano.
I believe I have a lot to contribute to university life and trust you will give my application due consideration.

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This personal statement was written by poisonapple for application in 2009.

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Applied to: Oxford, Durham, St Andrews, Bristol and Leeds. So far I've got an offer from Leeds (ABB). Comments please!


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it's actually quite good!

it's actually quite good! some of it sounds similar in tone to mine haha.

oooonly thing, some of the phrases are a bit cliche, like "pushing the boundaries" - I've seen that used countless times. Oh well, maybe unis like that :S

anyway it's very good, you should be please and good luck :)

it looks more like a

it looks more like a biography to me. you should at least try to relate your experience to the subject you are applying for. have you ever tried to count how many 'I's you have used?

Hey, I'm applying for P&P at

Hey, I'm applying for P&P at many of the same universities for 2011 entry and just forming my personal statement.

Could you tell me which of these universities offered you a place or not apart from Leeds?

Also whether in retrospect you would change any of it would be helpful

Many thanks

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