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I view the world as a manifestation of one's beliefs, whatever way one perceives the world is how one can change it. I believe the best way to form this perception is through the rational understanding of knowledge, mind and reason.

The modern era has caused many to neglect taking time to ponder on their existence, however I think Philosophy is not only crucial for understanding who I am and the world that I live in, but also how I can use my life to be the best that I can be.

I have a predisposition towards a certain world view and am looking forward to seeing how that can be explored further and possibly even challenged, thus, I would like to go beyond the constraints of societal norms and expand the limits to the very notion of thought.

Reading about Greek Philosophy in Mirza Ahmad's book "Revelation, Rationality and Truth" has encouraged me to be inquisitive about the world.

I am therefore, inspired by Socrates, who, despite facing slander and scrutiny became empowered through self-knowledge. Studying Descartes "Cogito Ergo Sum" has also transformed my outlook on the awareness of thought, and its certainty. Understanding of this will open the doors to my self-discovery. where logic and rhetoric will also be central for me becoming competent, well-informed and self-aware.

Travelling has enabled me to constantly question everything around me, from the complexities of the natural world to the structure of various cultures and societies. My curiosity regarding the ability of the human mind is constantly revived when I witness the individuality of people and the accomplishments they are capable of. For me, this brings to life the concept of the 'Qualia'.

The nature of it is a factor that draws me to Philosophy, as there is so much yet to be explained. I am still on a journey of discovery, which I trust will be enriched through knowledge, truth and rationality. This is essential for bringing human thoughts to a beautiful loftiness.

Going beyond the meaning of words in the study of meta-ethics has given me the fundamental skill of evaluating claims. Recently my strong essay writing skills led to me becoming the youngest ever winner in a national writing competition. Working as a photographer enabled me to view the world confidently through a detachment that allowed me to objectively analyse my surroundings.

At the design agency Symbius, I was able to delve into the recess of my mind and become more open-minded to contemplate every solution possible. I have found that my shared love with creativity allows me to communicate myself visually beyond verbal expression. Philosophy explores ideas that can be incomprehensible and creative design is a great way to display these concepts visually in virtual realms of existence.

As a self-taught piano player, I am motivated to improve my perseverance and discipline as well as my emotional intelligence, all of which I consider to be important for university life.

Taking part in the P.A.C.E annual cancer walk and in a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon were rewarding opportunities to help others, where I was able to appreciate the importance of determination, empathy and building a rapport. I have been influenced by Scholar Tamara Gray, who is working to bring back the female voice in scholarship.

Enslavement of the mind is the worst type of enslavement, and so I aspire to bring improved education, through critical thinking and digital design.

Overall, I am a highly responsible and diligent individual who successfully combines studies with other commitments, such as my part-time job at Holiday Inn, showing myself to be reliable, organised and capable of working under pressure. With an optimistic yet logical mindset, I can tackle any situation with a practical approach, strengthened by my focus on success.

I am sure that by choosing Philosophy, I will be able to prosper in my future aspiration of bringing the creative and liberal arts together.

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