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Having a brother with dyslexia I have seen first-hand over many years the coping and learning strategies he was forced to develop in order to help him overcome his disability, these concepts were and still are very intriguing to me. I found myself asking questions of how this disability develops, what may be the causes and more generally wanting to broaden my understanding of how the mind works.

Following this desire to know more I choose to study Psychology at A level, where I have learnt that every psychological theory has a conflicting view which fits in very well with my personality. Questioning, debating and arguing viewpoints has always been a big aspect of my nature; it's something I enjoy doing and feel it's a productive way of expressing myself.

The mere fact that no answer in psychology is a straight forward one paves for a challenging but rewarding future career in the subject. Along with psychology I study Sociology and ICT at A2 level.

Another aspect of psychology that captured my interest was the psychological development of children. Having a large family network of younger siblings, cousins and nephews, as well as completing work experience in a pre-school has given me a lot of experience with and around children.

My time at the pre-school allowed me to help and interact with children and I had the chance to see how they learnt through play and interaction, which was of huge interest to me.

Sociocultural theorist Vygotsky suggested children's learning develops with the help of others and the environment, while in contrast developmental psychologist Piaget suggested all children are born with an innate tendency to learn, this nature vs. nurture debate excites me and as a research enthusiast had me wanting to delve deeper into the concepts and topic as a whole.

Having a part time job in H&M as a sales advisor, I constantly work closely with others and this constant interaction with customers and colleagues has developed and enhanced my confidence and communication skills.

Through this job my independence as an individual and my time management has greatly improved as I am required to balance both paid and academic work which I have managed to do smoothly and effectively.

At work I find myself analysing the ways in which behaviour differs from one customer to the next, anything from language used to hand gestures catches my attention, applying psychology to my everyday life whether it be at home, college or work tells me this is a path I should follow to gain the most out of myself and my career.

I have a keen interest in singing and dancing and I have been involved in varies performances throughout my life such as school productions and talent shows and I took dance lessons for many years.

I have also taken part in charity performances as part of my youth club group which has refined my creativity and working as a team as most performances have been as part of a group.

Another interest of mine is travelling. Having travelled to places like Africa and Asia I feel has taught me to see the world from other angles and in doing so has broadened my horizons immensely; it has also helped me meet a range of different people within these cultures/communities.

Travelling to all these places and being of mixed ethnic background myself, I enjoy all aspects of cultural diversity whether it be food, music or fashion and I am always willing to try new and exciting things.

I am extremely enthusiastic to truly see what university has to offer and in turn the commitment and hard work I will offer back.

My thirst for knowledge cannot simply be fulfilled by what the A level syllabus has to offer and it would be a shame to end my journey there. I'm relishing the chance to be the first in my immediate family to have gone to university and I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity.

My individuality; motivation and passion for the subject will make for an ideal and memorable addition to the world of psychology.

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This personal statement was written by jade_yasmin for application in 2012.

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