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Everything we do involves psychology; the natural techniques we use to develop our strengths and ways we learn to surpass our weaknesses has been an interest of mine since high school.

By watching others gaining their characteristics and personal skills I have been gravitated towards psychology ever since.

I have come to the realisation that the ability of the mind is immense. During the first couple of years of high school I was somewhat reserved and barely spoke out in class.

However, by observing the confidence of my friends and class mates I feel that I have sub-consciously applied their methods and learnt to be more confident over time.

That is why I believe that the society in which we grow in has an impact on our mind and the mind we develop impacts our society.

The notion that I have been able to recognise how I got my personality shows that I have excellent observational skills and this skill is highly useful if not mandatory in the field of psychology.

As a student I will bring with me great enthusiasm, a need to learn and develop skills from the university lectures and I will also bring great passion and curiosity towards psychology

I have not studied psychology through the educational system before however whilst attending my National Certificate in Business I have been given the opportunity to learn about psychology by studying various marketing and advertising methods that use the mindset to convey messages to attract potential customers.

For example, the use of catchy slogans, such as the famous McDonalds slogan "Im lovin it".

In the first year of my business course I studied a unit titled 'career development' in which I conducted a year long research study into my career.

This involved studying my career ambition in depth and since then I have known my career ambition is in psychology.

The business units that I have covered so far have helped me develop skills which can help me prepare for university life.

At my college, a significant amount of learning is delivered via lectures, however many of the modules studied require me to conduct research, develop independent study skills and use my own initiative.

I strongly believe that the diverse methods of learning that I have developed will help me succeed at a higher level.

My mother is a carer in a nursing home. Her dedication to her work and the positive impact her work has had on the people being helped inspired me to develop the passion for helping others.

This inspiration enhanced my interest in psychology and led me to conduct independent reading into clinical psychology so that I may understand how patients cope with psychological distress.

I believe higher education will give me an excellent opportunity to study psychology in greater depth.

A lot of my family have studied at university level and since childhood I have been taught to appreciate the great importance of education and the positive impact it has on an individual's life.

My father and sister have attended university and my father always speaks about the change it made to his life.

This understanding has motivated me to apply for higher education and develop my career in the field of psychology.

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This personal statement was written by alizee35 for application in 2008.

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i have 3 conditional offers, LJMU, KEELE uni, and STAFFS but am still waiting to hear back from mmu. so i guess i did something right.


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Your comment is overrated in my opinion. The whole point of a personal statement is in order to discretely convey to the audience what personal traits you have, your character and motivation. You put things quite bluntly: "I will bring with me great enthusiasm..." "...shows that I have excellent observational skills".

Honestly, I dont buy it. Its like saying "im a good person". You should insinuate it, not state it out loud.
With correspondingly good grades, you shouldnt have problems getting in, but I dont think your PS is the best on this website. Sorry.


A little more carfull reading would help with the typos.

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I am not impressed with this

I am not impressed with this personal statement. I have proofread many a statement but this is written in poor English with bad grammar. I am surprised you have so many offers. If you really have those offers, it is nothing to do with the personal statement. It sounds like you are bragging and are not that intelligent. You obviously are intelligent or you would not have so many offers, but the personal statement is not good.

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