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Ever since my little sister became a teenager and started going through her rebellious phrase I just haven't been able to help myself from analysing her behaviour. Although she grew out of her moody phase my interest in Psychology didn't change and I find that I regularly am examining the behaviour of different members of my family.

Psychological and social theories and analyses have become a feature of my life, whether it is at home or the outside world. Having gained a good grounding in Psychology during my time at school and college I realise that this is not enough and that there is so much more for me to appreciate and understand.

Studying psychology to A-level has deepened my appreciation of psychological processes and thoughts in ways that I hadn't anticipated. Not only has my interest in the topic increased but I am more eager to learn: a good psychologist can be described as a person who appreciates their own psychology, and I am working to appreciate my own.

My A-level course has introduced me to areas such as abnormal psychology and developmental psychology. It is this latter aspect has influenced me most, so I carried out an experiment with young children and was able to confirm Piaget's sensorimotor stage which looked at object permanence.

1. Hiding items such as teddy bears behind pillows. The teddy is not visible but the child knows that it is behind the pillow so therefore they have object permanence.O.P means describe the awareness that objects continue to exist even when they are no longer visible. (Looking at a child's cognitive development).

2. Showing young children the same amount of water or juice in the two identical glasses and very fast they knew the two glasses of water or juice were the same. If poured one glass into a longer and thinner glass, children could not identify this glass had contained the same amount of water or juice as the original two identical glasses. The children were attentive only to one aspect which is that one glass is taller than the other two; they did not realize the taller glass had the same amount of liquid. This shows Piagets task for liquid. Conservation means, “the understanding that certain physical characteristics of objects remain the same, even when their outward appearance changes” (Berk, 1999).

It is through such studies that I will acquire the learning to be able to encourage people to change their behaviour and thinking in a positive way. I am also aware of Margaret Donaldson's work, and want to look into that further. Beyond my A Level course I have taken a keen interest in Social Psychology. Works like the 'Fear of Freedom' by Erich Fromm has given me an insight into the impact of the way people are can have a major impact on society. It is not surprising that factors such as economics, politics and even the nature of society can have an impact on how people function as individuals.

Of my other A levels, I enjoy economics because we look at the real cost of making choices. I have learnt about concepts and theories that has provided me with the tools to help me understand how economies work and develop. Studying different economist's theories have been particularly interesting, for example, Adam Smith's theory on invisible hand has intrigued me because it focuses on the ideas of capitalism, and an individual pursuing self-interest will result in an increase the common good. I have found law to be fascinating because I now have a good idea of how law is created and how it develops.

Studying law has given me a wider insight on the fundamentals that make up our English legal system. I often wonder without rules how would our country stand today and law has helped me realise that the rule of law is important in providing a guide. Laws are looking at how words and facts are interpreted: their impact on society is massive. The affect so many aspects of people's lives: the question for me is whether the laws reflect people's desires or shape them

Away from my academic studies I lead an active life. I take pleasure in reading be it short stories or never ending novels. I thoroughly enjoy watching and participating in sport such as badminton and tennis: being an active member of my local tennis club has enabled me to interact with other people as we share similar interests.

Moreover, I also believe that a key important factor to me is that I can make the world that we live in a better place by helping others. As someone pointed out that "we have two hands, on to help yourself the second to help others". One way I do this is through my charitable work raising money for various charitable organisations ranging from breast cancer to aids.

My remaining free time goes in working as a sales adviser. The retail experience has given me a great insight in to my interpersonal skills and taught me how to deal with a various range of situations efficiently.

I would be an asset to your university and am very enthusiastic about my subjects. The course you offer will broaden my knowledge, satisfy my curiosity and deepen my understanding; I am very determined and thoughtful, and would find the course you offer highly motivating.

Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, whilst i am one of them who stays awake to achieve them. Success lies in those who strive.

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This personal statement was written by kully for application in 2008.

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please help me in any way you can and pray that i get in to the uni of my choice. thx x


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Ending line

The 'I don't dream about achievements, I stay awake and achieve them' has already been used by another of the psychology personal statements on this website, so I doubt its the most original ending amongst personal statements. Otherwise it seems like a pretty good effort.

Good personal statement,

Good personal statement, although there are some minor grammatical errors that you may have overlooked. The part about Piaget's theory, however, sounds like it came straight out of a textbook, I suggest you rephrase the sentences to relate to how you feel about it. A personal statement should be PERSONAL, let them know how you feel about the subject.

rebellious phrase? proof

rebellious phrase? proof reading is extremely important in a personal statement and having errors like this could cost you a position

Well done, looks like you put

Well done, looks like you put alot of time and effort into this!
Juast two things, proof reading, as mentioned is sooooo important, especialy when you've messed up your spelling in the first line. Also, there seems to be quite alot of repeated phrases in here, little sisters and staying awake to acheive your dreams... apoloises if its all orignal but dont be afraid to be different, its what they want after all! good luck. x

isn't the second last and

isn't the second last and third last paragraph exactly the same as Taz' personal statement? chek out Taz' one it starts of wid 'The constant sense of discovery...' just the one b4 this ps.

Your final sentence belongs

Your final sentence belongs on a fridge magnet.

you copied all of someone

you copied all of someone elses personal statement, so for you this really isnt personal. its someone elses.....good job copying

I'm literally disgusted at

I'm literally disgusted at how you can claim that you have helped with charities, when this is an obvious deception. And to COPY and PASTE work of other people.....vile. At least change the words??? And then to put it on the same website, obviously people are going to read the material you copied FROM! Sintax is all incorrect, punctuation is elementary and spelling is technically atrocious. Oh, and by the way, if you weren't already scared, you will be.
Admissions offices ALWAYS enter these SPs into databanks, any un-authentic work wil pop up like a SORE THUMB. For your sake, I hope you haven't submitted this. Utterly despicable.

Charity begins at home

Here's a little suggestion for the above critic: take a glimpse at your own writing before ripping another person's to shreds.

You're absolutely correct about the whole plagiarism issue and lack of originality as deal breakers. But, come on, you're in no position to criticize somebody's spelling when you write "sintax" instead of "syntax"...and UN-AUTHENTIC?

You've got to be kidding me. Be constructive, not hateful, and fix your own goddamn spelling before fixing others'.


you people give me jokes, and you who wrote this PS, it most definitley has parts copied and pasted, you must be a moron. the copied stuff sounds so nerdy and gay anyway, be original

No need to go into detail

No need to go into detail about Piaget's 'Four Stage Theory Of Child Development'. It reads like it was copied out an introduction to psychology textbook. Instead you should have talked a little about the research you carried out and related it back to the work of Piaget.

Ending was very cliché.

Firstly, all PSs should be

Firstly, all PSs should be written completely in prose. No '1. ____ 2. ____'. There is also too much focus on economics and not enough on psychology - talking at length about subject(s) you are not applying for is a complete waste of space! Not to mention, UCAS flags up anything that matches about 10% of other PSs submitted and is investigated for plagiarism, if what other commenters have said is true. Certainly not worth the risk



You should start learning HOW

You should start learning HOW TO COPY BETTER rather than stuying psychology!!!!

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