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I have chosen the courses listed because I feel that these will benefit me most in my goal to become a primary school teacher.

After experiencing the BA (Hons.) Performance: Theatre at Saint Johns College, York, I decided it was not the course I wanted to do, and that a Primary Education degree would be a better preparation for teaching rather than a one year PGCE course. I have always held aspirations to become a teacher, specifically in the primary sector. Since 1999, I have held voluntary work experience placements at Holbrook Primary School, amounting to two and a half terms work in total.

After withdrawing from York, I decided to take the opportunity to extend my experience in schools on a voluntary basis at a local Special School (Beacon Hill Special School, Ipswich). This resulted in my being offered a full-time paid position as a Special Support Assistant. I have found myself inspired by the challenge of encouraging these young people to realise their potential and this has further cemented my decision to become a teacher.

I have a particular interest in drama. During High School I was a member of the Wolsey Youth Theatre in Ipswich. This involved me in various productions; The Railway Children, Watership Down, A Christmas Carol, and Roald Dahls Boy. I also participated in High School productions. I think that these skills are very important, because I have already found that drama can be a useful educational tool, especially in the early stages of learning.

I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, which I found a great challenge, but very rewarding. I also hold Grade 5 in Trombone, Grade 1 cornet, and Award 6 in trampolining.

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First paragraph, what do you think?

I’ve always wanted to teach and my enthusiasm to do so has increased greatly over the past two years. With my mother being a childminder and having two younger sisters I feel tolerance and understanding of children has just come naturally to me. The idea of teaching children is exciting, I really crave to be a teacher that not only teaches well but also can be caring and understanding to children. To see children progress in learning and know that I have made that happen is a huge ambition of mine.



there are problems with

there are problems with stating that u have "always" wanted to do something, examiners tend to look down upon this, as technically you did not do whatever you wanted to do even when you were a baby.

To be honest I find this

To be honest I find this statement very broad and not indepth, and therefore you do not really find out anything about the person who wrote it. I also find it quite boring and it looks asif little effort has been put into it. sorry! x

you spoke to much about

you spoke to much about quitting your other course and having two younger sisters does not make u tolerent of children, u need real practical experience and a real passion!

good but maybe you need to

good but maybe you need to elabourate a bit more you list achievements but don't state their rewards, i think you will make a good teacher

I agree that this does not

I agree that this does not tell you anything about the person, it just says about doing the course. It makes them seem quite dull!!

the work is really fine!!

the work is really fine!!

Its good, but the "always" is

Its good, but the "always" is a bit clice (or however its spelt :S). Try putting "since...." sounds better and gives you the chance to put in a bit of personal experience aswel. x

i think its good i just think

i think its good i just think tat you need to go into depth more and i find it a bot boring so maybe you could put more info in

very short

very short

Short and sweet:-)

Short and sweet:-)

i think although this

i think although this personal statement is pretty short its really sophisticated and would definitely do the trick. The use of vocab is very very advanced and good. :)

please will someone help me

please will someone help me with my personal staement .. im going into primary eduation..?

i need help
has anyone got a copy..?

Make it flow a bit more and

Make it flow a bit more and make it stand out from the crowd!
Use more past experience such as work experience etc. You write too much about your "dropping out" from York. It is ok to say that but don't go over the top. Write about your key skills ie. communication with children. They will be looking for things like this. You want the universities to go "wow!" look at her.
Maybe search google and see how to write a personal statement. Make it a bit longer too. It doesn't really give them a flavour of why you really want to do the course and why they should pick you. I hope you do not take all this as criticism but as helpful hints and tips. What you have written is good but you need to expand upon it. Good luck.


pretty useless if ya ask me!!!!

all of the statement

i think its pretty good, good on ya yessir

I think this is fantastic. i

I think this is fantastic. i couldnt pick one fault with it. SUPERB

Very good!! thank you so much

Very good!! thank you so much it really helped me with mine

very boring short dont say

very boring short dont say nothing about yourself

1st Paragrah

Volunteering at a local church holiday club was what sparked my interest in primary teaching as my chosen career ,4 successive holiday clubs have firmed my decision to study primary education at university



Waffles on a bit about

Waffles on a bit about dropping out, states what experience he/she has but not how they relate it to the course all that well!

You've stated too many things

You've stated too many things without saying what you've got out of them. You could say that all your hobbies show you are a self motivated person!

too short

it sounds a very good start for a statement but, i have been told by several universities that a statement does need to be about 4ooo words. this plenty of words to express all the points you have to make clearly and with great detsil without getting stuck on one subject and start to be boring. focus more on your strenghts play to them.

I'm doing my personal

I'm doing my personal statement now and I've kind of come to a stage where I'm completley stuck! I've said why I'm interested in teaching, said a bit about me and experience. Any ideas would be really helpful!

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