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My desire to study Politics developed in early stages of my life. During my teenage years, I was very interested in the ways in which the countries are governed and the systems behind them.

The turning point on my decision to study politics was the book "Mein Kampf (My Struggle)" written by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment in 1923 detailing his philosophies about Germany and its need for power.

When you disregard the fact that the author had extreme views, it was actually a fascinating piece of literature. I was thoroughly interested in seeing WWII from Hitler's point of view; however, I was amazed and puzzled that citizens living in Germany who have read the book still elected Hitler as a chancellor later on.

This fact only increased my curiosity and motivated me in studying politics, as I noticed that little changes in the past could change the overall future.

Subjects, which I thought would be most appropriate for my future course, were followed at A level. From History AS level, I have acquired knowledge and skills to understand how the world works and how human beings behave. Knowledge of the past is required for understanding present realities.

By learning Thinking Skills, I have learnt to reflect on the justification of one's own beliefs and solve problems systematically.

The chance I had to travel in several countries taught me to respect different morals, values, and helped me to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures. I also enjoy learning new languages; I know four languages so far which are Russian, Georgian, Ossetian and English.

However, I want to further my progress therefore, I am currently learning Japanese and German through the internet. I am sure the knowledge and experience which I gained by traveling will benefit me in certain areas of my future career.

Last summer I held a part time job in a construction company. Where I gained invaluable experience. I learnt how to handle disagreements and react speedily to the problems in a variety of different situations. These experiences widened my knowledge in debating and have greatly enhanced my communication skills.

I have always been active in my school community. I have participated in different clubs such as basketball, chess and football. I was selected to be a Prefect, which involves setting an example to other students and making sure that rules are obeyed. I received a silver medal at the swimming gala competition.

Community service is important and during my study periods, I have helped with P.E lessons for Juniors. This particular experience was very rewarding as it has developed my patience and helped me to learn how to establish a relationship based on respect and trust.

Outside of my studies, I dedicate myself to music. I play guitar, piano and keyboards and I find it very relaxing activity. Apart from music, I also enjoy outdoor activities. I have been part of a volleyball team for four years and have received the title of a Best Player.

However most of the enjoyment I receive from reading books. I read all types of books, but I have preference for historical fiction books for example "Bosnian Chronicle (a novel about Napoleon's consulate in Travnik, Bosnia)", "Da Vinci Code" and others.

I am looking forward to studying Politics and getting involved in both academic and social aspects of university life.

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