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Politics today is sometimes viewed cynically across the world; for me, it is about understanding and realising the importance it plays in society, and how we can utilise this to work for a better future.

Politics is such a broad system, stemming from the state and government to the power exercised in our daily lives between each other. It is a recurring concept that we cannot avoid; that thirst for extra knowledge and determination in the quest that justice prevails.

I am fascinated by the process of distinguishing between right and wrong and questioning the dilemma of our moral compass.

The art of public speaking and debate within politics is a key aspect I am most drawn to. Watching ‘Question Time’ has aided my knowledge of current affairs, and has also taught me the effects of good public speaking employing persuasion and conviction.

I have enjoyed debating with family and friends, and continually find myself questionning my own opinion on the subject matter - ranging from wars to topical issues such as university tuition fees.

Through studying Religious Studies at A-Level, I have found that there are always two arguments to one concept, and that a question can be argued both ways.Ethical topics ranging from abortion to genetic engineering have allowed me to gather opposing viewpoints, assess and evaluate each reason.

Studying A-Level History has provided me with the skills to analyse factual information critically, and make a judgement. I have discovered that these subjects in particular, have increased my ability to evaluate political theories, and to implement yesterday’s past into tomorrow’s beginning.

My aim in life is to help others in the world and achieve success in making the world a better place. Spending three weeks in India, under the organisation, Global Leadership Adventures, made me aware of some of the problems such as: hygiene, rubbish and cleanliness, corruption and many more.

The whole experience provided an insight, and the many leadership sessions has taught me the benefits of helping others. Inspired by political figures such as Gandhi and his philosophy, and Barack Obama’s oratorical skill, I hope to become more involved in governmental roles.

My personal experience of fundraising over £2000 for undertaking the project in India highlights my determination and will-power to achieve. I created a letter campaign and sent it to local businesses and individuals, and I had meetings with them such and my local MP, and it emphasised to me the skills of punctuality, confidence and optimism.

At school, I am Head Boy which includes many duties and responsibilities that demonstrates leadership: attending meetings, speaking to audiences on presentation evenings, and listening to students’ concerns on certain issues they wish to improve.

It has given me the confidence to lead and make decisions with others. Playing the violin at Grade 5 standard has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable; having played many solos in the past to large audiences has developed my confidence and self-esteem as an individual.

Working in a fast-paced environment at weekends in Pret A Manger has also improved my communication skills with customers and colleagues in a professional environment.

Politics is everywhere. I believe it is the many debates sparked by historical political actions, that makes it such a crucial part of our society. A degree in Politics would help me understand the complexities of the world, develop my knowledge and help me deploy my skills in areas of most need.

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