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The merging of my international experiences has allowed me to absorb different cultures and perspectives - unique aspects, necessary for a distinctive course such as Politics and Film.

Both subjects would enable me to explore infinite ideas, question and transcend reality in order to expand the human mind as a singular and collective entity. Whilst studying this course, I strongly wish to learn more and utilise my distinctive background to question the various comparative ideals offered by both Politics and Film.

Film has undoubtedly been a long-lasting passion of mine. Spielberg's adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” was the catalyst that sparked my obsession with Film. The unique ability to be encapsulated into a different reality for 2hours, became an obsession. Despite having nightmares every time, being immersed in this new reality became a need. I began to create much lower-budget mini-movies, by using any tool I could film with.

This gave me the ability to explore different worlds, yet also allow for the observation of the human condition which further developed my interest in Film. “The Birth of a Nation” captured a skewed observation of the human condition of 1860s America.

The reality captured in just 12 reels, portraying white supremacy as a superpower, changed the landscape of American culture. A political propaganda piece showed me how the questionable observations of one individual entity can affect the collective, an aspect I wish to delve deeper into on this course. Film and Politics is unquestionably the path I wish to undertake since it would allow me to further pursue my curiosities academically.

Living in Chile exposed me to the world of politics. I witnessed political turmoil and rioting that forced the government to go into a state of emergency. From this, I learned that government powers can be used to abuse the governed.

Therefore the governed must also have a role in keeping the governmental powers in check. This relationship between the governed and the government became a core interest of mine.

So, I delved deeper into news articles about the Chilean free market. Introdcuing me to laissez-faire economics via “The wealth of Nations'' by Adam Smith, who would lead me to discover classical liberalism. This broadened my depth of knowledge in politics and prompted my ambition to study it at university.

As a highly motivated student, I decided to switch to A-Levels, to pursue studies in Politics academically. Before that, studying IB History HL gave me the enhanced capability to write concise analytical essays, a skill I can apply to this course. Whilst being a part of this system, I was awarded the President's Award for Educational Excellence, I was also inducted into the National Honours society for academic proficiency. Additionally, I represented my school in National Public speaking competitions, which allowed me to critically develop time management and communication skills.

Beyond academics, I have participated in activities allowing me to develop new perspectives. Bushfires in Australia motivated me to make a difference as an individual. I independently organised a trip there and volunteered for Blaze Aid.

Through the planning, I learned to become more independent with the capabilities to thrive in any environment. I attended the Australian Parliament, where I was lucky enough to watch the Prime Minister and political parties debate current agendas.

This expanded my knowledge of the inner workings of global politics. In Chile and Bolivia, I have worked with Techo, building simple housing areas for families. Meeting them showed me a broadened view of different realities. Playing football at an academy level for a large portion of my life has also taught me the importance of dedication and discipline.

I wish to apply my unique observations gained from international experiences, to contribute new ideas to the world of Politics and Film. I truly hope my academic achievements and pursuit of my passions will give me the qualifications to be accepted into this distinctive course tailor-made for my specific interests.

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