Physics Personal Statement

Physics is at the core of everything we see and do. By using statistics and equations, we can
give a mathematical representation of the universe, which can be used to rationalise the
phenomena that we observe. I feel that the opportunity to deepen my understanding of Physics
will aid me in advancing the vital skills such as logic and reasoning that are required for
virtually any career path, which for me, ideally lies in the field of Physics.

The challenge of understanding an entirely new concept provides me with a sense of achievement
that I cannot surpass in any other subject. This is the impetus that drives my ambition to
further my knowledge of Physics. As I find the subject so captivating, I like to keep myself
up to date on the current affairs and findings by regularly reading online journals and
articles, such as 'New Scientist'.

To develop my fundamental understanding of the topic, I have taken the initiative to study a
far greater area than my current syllabus covers. I feel this helps me to solidify the things
I have learned in further education, by validating via an outside source. These range from
watching MIT Fresher Physics lectures to studying Open University workbooks.

During my placement in sixth form, I have studied various different topics within Physics, all
of which can be related to everyday life. For example, coursework which entailed visiting
Alton Towers to discuss and study the Physics involved with engineering the unique experience
that each ride presents. Relating the equations and concepts I have learned confirms that
Physics is a much needed and integral part of society.

Furthermore I have gained several prizes for participating in activities and competitions
within sixth form and high school, these include; _________ (which shows my ability to work under pressure and to communicate my
thoughts to a wide audience in a comprehensible way), ___________ and the UKMT Maths Challenge Best in School '08 (which displays my aptitude in
Mathematics, which will be greatly beneficial when studying Physics)

I consider myself an adventurous person, as I enjoy taking part in thrilling activities such
as rock climbing, flying in a stunt biplane and bungee jumping. My interests also lie heavily
in computing, specifically web and desktop based programming. I believe this helps to develop
my thought process in a logical and procedural manner. This greatly supports my analytical
interpretation ability when I am presented with problems as I have learned to think in a
modular fashion. In addition to these I also train in martial arts, which helps me to stay
disciplined and committed to a routine. My interest in web based programming has led to the
opportunity of designing and implementing a commercial website for a local company. This has
provided me with the skills of dealing with clients in a business environment whereby I have
had to adopt correct business ethics. It has also required my analytical ability to interpret
the needs of the client into the finished product, based on the specification provided.

My ambition is to work in the field of scientific research and development with a team of
dedicated, like-minded Physicists. I believe I am a dedicated, hardworking and patient person,
willing to apply myself wholeheartedly to what I study. I look forward to the opportunity of
attending university to further develop my knowledge and understanding of the world of

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This personal statement was written by Robz for application in 2010.


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