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"Where have we come from and where are we going?" It was definitely a Eureka moment when a simple question directed by my Physics Professor at high school triggered in me the need to explore and led me to discover my aptitude for Astrophysics.

My curiosity let my fascination for the enigmas of the Universe develop into a deeper, scientific understanding of the subject. LHC at CERN acquainted me with the developments in the particle and the quantum realm. My determination drove me to look beyond the academic curriculum and venture into the fields of black holes, dark matter, and space-time warpage. 

To enhance my understanding of this subject, I read 'The Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking. I realised how astrophysics, as an area of knowledge, is a cumulative result of observations and hypothesized models. More than the paradox between general relativity and quantum mechanics, it was Hawking's understanding of theory, simply as a model to illustrate the biggest number of observations, which fascinated me.

To cement my ideas and thoughts and create a connect between various theories, I enrolled myself in an online course:  'Welcome to the Astronomy- The Wonders of the Big Bang and our Universe' which focussed on the metric expansion of space using Hubble's Law and discussed the mathematical model of space-time as a single entity. 

In retrospect, the spark from a workshop at NASA allowed me to cognize the complexities of aeronautical manufacturing while preparing me for Newtonian Physics. Putting the knowledge into practice, I took part in the challenging Indian National Space Settlement Design Competition which transformed me into a member of the aerospace industry.

My team and I designed a space settlement at the Earth-Sun L1 libration point through which we illustrated the viability of the torus structure and addressed major concerns related to human adaptability, artificial gravity, and monetary expenses. It enabled me to integrate my knowledge of dynamic equilibrium while utilising the skills from the workshop in NASA. Coordination of design details between structural and operational engineers, reaching a consensus on the measurements of robots and the volumetric analysis of the station, effective and prompt communication led to the victory of my research group.

In another workshop, I got the opportunity to understand the vital correlation between contouring and aerodynamic force by designing a parachute and a water bottle rocket. Through all these experiences, I found a deep connection with the Universe and beyond.

Owing to my scholarly interest, I have consistently secured the first rank in my class. Beyond the sciences, I have actively participated in public speaking, publication, community service, dance and event management which have not only rejuvenated me in my leisure time but have also made me discern my versatility. The countless hours of perseverance that a boarding school demands have shaped me for a career in this field.

My scholastic approach along with a strong foundation in mathematics will enable me to attain a deeper understanding of the Universe and its greatest unknown: Dark Energy. The United Kingdom, in particular, would give me a strong grounding in astrophysics. Access to nonpareil astronomy facilities and astronomical data from accredited observatories around the world makes the UK an ideal place to study in.

I will use the knowledge I gain through an undergraduate degree in astrophysics to understand the presently obscure force that is governing the expansion of the Universe and formulate a cosmological model that couples the theoretical and experimental data. I possess a penchant for raising the "why" and "how" to grasp better and a discipline at your university would certainly satiate my scientific curiosity.

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This personal statement got me an offer from the following universities:
Imperial College, London
University of Manchester
Durham University
University of Edinburgh
However, I was rejected from University College, London.


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