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While studying Physics as Advanced Course in school here in Germany, I realized how much I love the subject. I am a very curious person and love to learn about new, sometimes seemingly weird concepts that conflict with my perspective of reality, like wave-particle dualism or quantum entanglement. Every child goes through a phase of asking its parents a million questions, meeting every answer it gets with another "why?". To me, Physics is what allows me to continue doing that as an adult. In that sense, I never have to grow up: I can continue asking questions and try to find as many answers as possible. That's why I have chosen to pursue a degree in Physics at university.

My interest in Physics extends outside the classroom. Since April 2020, I am taking university courses in Physics here in Germany, in addition to my school work. Through this, I have gained a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and the mathematical methods needed to describe them. I also learned a great deal about organizing, time management and independent learning since starting that, as it is quite a large time commitment. During a six-month-long research project about alternatives to conventional fertilizers I did together with a friend, I have gained a passion for sustainability and research, while learning the basics about conducting long-term experiments. During my time in German sixth form, I have also taken part in several, so called "MINT-Camps"., which consist of workshops and lectures related to scientific topics. These have allowed me to learn about concepts that are not part of the school curriculum and find out more about current research.

In 2017/2018 I spent a year abroad in Brighton, where I studied at Shoreham Academy (Year 12) and tried to improve my English. During that time, I fell in love with Britain and its culture. When I had to leave, I was very upset and therefore hope to return to the UK for university. During my time there, I first developed my passion for Physics. During an experiment verifying the speed of light by using marshmallows, a microwave and a marker, I realized how even with rudimentary tools, "real science" can happen.

In addition to learning about physics, my hobbies are baking and indoor climbing, which allow me to find a balance between school work and leisure activities. Baking allows me to express my creativity and in indoor climbing, I get to work with a partner. Both of these activities keep me from getting too stressed.
With getting a degree in Physics, I hope to start a career in research, where I would like to contribute to solving current sustainability challenges, such as plastic waste or pollution and hopefully encourage more women to go into STEM fields. The university that accepts me would gain a hard-working, enthusiastic student who works well with others.

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