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The field of physics is still incomplete, and this is what fascinates me the most. The big questions we have yet to answer, what is reality, how does it work, and why we should care in the end. Along with how it links to our world, and how imperative the study of physics is overall.

My interest in physics has been further developed throughout my studies at A level. I found learning about the particle/quantum topics thought-provoking, on a philosophical level prompting me to further study around this area; The Copenhagen interpretation, whereby solely including an observer in the double-slit experiment collapses the wave function of light causing it to behave a certain way led me to the theory of Solipsism and the many-worlds interpretation. I found this to be extremely perplexing, that every quantum event could create completely unobservable parallel universes.

I often enjoy using virtual simulations, such as universe sandbox on my computer to see the long-term effects of orbits and trajectories of objects in motion over time. Through this interest, programming, and my three fields of study I have begun to code a program that demonstrates the laws of mechanics acting on a rocket based on specific variables, which are entered via a user. Throughout this I found I could plot the trajectory of a rocket on-screen through my knowledge of projectiles and resultant force, factoring the angle of tilt from the horizontal, alongside the gravitational constant for specific planets and the rocket's mass. This has been a learning curve, as it has developed my programming and planning skills in addition to the way I look at Newtonian Mechanics.

An enjoyable memory of my admiration for the field of physics was watching the movie Interstellar whilst in cinemas. I later researched how the VFX team achieved such a scientifically accurate visual of the black hole. The process included creating a new rendering software that would allow light to travel elliptically instead of in straight lines, due to the vast warping of space-time around heavy objects, as well as how they took into account the effects of doppler shifting for the colour correction of the visual. This prompted a further interest in astrophysics leading me to read Hawking’s work, ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions'. I appreciated the way that he compares ordinary day life to the unorthodox nature of the universe and found it fascinating how he describes his discovery; 'Hawking Radiation' to be caused by the pair-production of two subatomic particles around a black hole with one escaping, while the other becomes trapped past the event horizon.

My current experiences of study led me to become a physics ambassador for my college and aim to help students who are considering pursuing physics as a future subject/career Additionally, I act as an active subject helper on an online application for physics where I talk to hundreds of students younger and older whilst gaining and passing on guidance about my area of study. I enjoy listening to podcasts surrounding my subject containing the likes of Brian Cox and Sean Caroll, which has enabled me to gain different perspectives on this line of STEM.

Aside from my studies I enjoy playing tennis and was part of both football and table tennis teams, in both of which I have demonstrated resilience and leadership. Through completing the Duke of Edinburgh award and acting as a member of the ball-boy crew at the Manchester Tennis Trophy for 3 years has granted me quick-thinking and transferable cooperation/communication skills.

The study and goals of physics push the boundaries of the physical and theoretical universe, and I am looking forward to being able to give my contributions to that through further study. Bringing with me skills I have developed throughout my academic and extracurricular experiences I have the functional skills essential for this course and will continue to have pride in learning and pursuing more in this field each day.

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Got 3 offers with this personal statement. Though it was good, idk what else to say... XD
- Uni of Warwick
- Uni of Bath
- Uni of Leeds
- Durham Uni
- Uni of Oxford


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