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Every essence of Physics excites me. From the immeasurably small quark, to the unimaginable scale of the red hypergiant, VY Canis Majoris. I want to dedicate my life to the study of Physics. I want to answer the great unsolved problems of astrophysics, such as the origin of supermassive black holes, the Flyby Anomaly, the Coronal Heating Problem and so many more.

What I love about Physics is that you can devote your entire life to the study of it, and not come close to scratching the surface. It is the “unknown” that excites me, the uncertainty of what happens at the singularity of a black hole, or the mystery of what lies beyond the observable Universe.

I acquired my love of Physics at the age of 16, when “Wonders of the Solar System”, presented by Professor Brian Cox OBE FRS, aired on BBC. Since then, for 7 years I have developed my knowledge of the Universe, the effects of the laws of science on the cosmos, and my profound love for Physics by reading countless articles, poring over countless books and attending a number of seminars and presentations on the Universe.

2 years ago I joined the North Essex Astronomical Society and attend regular talks, and have gone as far as giving two talks of my own since joining the society.

From an early age knowledge has always been an easy thing for me to absorb. Computer hardware and software was always easy for me to grasp and understand, and subsequently alter and modify even from a young age, the ability to play the guitar came naturally to me and I appreciated and understood the beauty of Mozart’s Violin Concerto 3.

At the age of 10 I passed the 11+ in the 85th percentile, with very little input, and then went on to attend a reputable grammar school in Essex and my life seemed laid out for me.

When I turned 13 my attention to my studies slipped, and I lost all focus at school. I moved to a state school closer to home where I stayed until the age of 16 when I left with a total of 11 GCSE grades ranging from B to D, remarkably less significant than the straight A’s I was predicted earlier in my school career.

I acquired a place at The Sixth Form College, Colchester, to study Biology, Statistics, I.C.T and Geography, with the intention of finding my way in to a career in meteorology. I left college 6 months later without any qualifications, still struggling to find my focus and maturity in life.

I found my way in to the banking sector, where I spent 3 years of my life and then proceeded to move from sales job to sales job, never truly being happy as I knew I could achieve so much more and be a benefit to society.

6 years since leaving college, I am now finally the mature, driven adult I should have been long ago. I at last have the focus I need to achieve the goals I have, to go to University, acquire my Bachelors Degree, gain a Masters Degree and go on to achieve a Doctorate.

For 8 months now, I have been relentlessly studying all GCSE material for Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Armed with this knowledge, I know I am putting myself in the best possible position for a degree in Physics with a Foundation Year.

Outside of work and my studies, I am an avid film enthusiast. I have a strong interest in photography, with countless hundreds of photos of my favourite city, Rome, as well as Dubai, Paris, Florida, Sorrento and more.

I have a love for learning, and intend to be fluent in a total of 5 languages by the age of 30, having recently begun studying French, with Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin to closely follow.

There is a large number of subjects I wish to learn more about in time, such as Law, Politics, Biology, Ancient History, Classical Literature and more, for the pure intention of broadening my mind and understanding more about our World.

Through Physics, I hope that one day, I can make a difference to this World.

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