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Here is my final report on phase 1 of the Physics Suitability Study (PSS). I had carried out observations on a large test group of homo-sapiens, assessing their capability to study Physics. In the end, only one specimen excited me: Subject 185 (also known as Shajeethan). Subject 185 embodied all the qualities present in a modern physicist – amongst them including a honed ability to make fun out of our inferior colleagues: biologists and chemists!

Subject 185 has experience in mathematical problem solving, winning multiple awards in both the Junior and Senior Maths Challenge - earning him a subsequent invitation to a ‘Maths Masterclass’ at the Royal Institute of London. Using these experiences, Subject 185 has developed a greater appreciation for mathematical modelling during problem solving.

However, Physics is where his true passion lies. Subject 185’s interest in programs such as ‘How Long Is a Piece of String?’ and ‘What is One Degree?’ revealed his excitement at learning about the limitations of our current comprehension on everyday matter (no pun intended). And it was this interest in learning about the limitations of commonly accepted theories which drew him to complete an Extended Project on the success of the Big Bang Theory, while also investigating the limitations of other theories. Through the completion of the project, Subject 185 gained vital experience in research and writing theses, which will bode well for him when he publishes his own theories!

But am I suggesting that Subject 185 will ruin Rutherford’s recent revolution, or negate everything Newton noticed? Not at all. In fact, he has shown ambition to contribute to the subject about motion, matter and microwaves himself. He has participated in multiple international energy conferences, discussing which energy source is the most appropriate for the UK and the USA. Additionally, Subject 185 has read Stephen Hawking’s pure piece of poetry titled ‘A Brief History of Time’ and seemed to be fascinated by Chapter three’s explanation of how predictions and evidence seamlessly combined to prove the expanding universe – specifically being intrigued by Friedmann’s model of the universe. Subject 185 has also attended lectures in locations ranging from London to Geneva, being inspired by the new discoveries made each day, including the recent announcement about the discovery of the ‘God particle’.

Subject 185 has also shown a keen interest in creative writing and journalism. By becoming a weekly columnist for the Oaks Park News, he learnt more about the publishing process - becoming aware of the reviewing and editing process involved in publishing an article or thesis. As part of his AQA Baccalaureate, Subject 185 has also completed over 150 hours of enrichment activities, which included leading an application development team. Couple this with his Senior Prefect role, and it shows that Subject 185 is adept at handling extra responsibilities and able to adapt to different jobs. Other activities included hosting his own radio show and attending philosophy club - both of which taught him additional debating skills, while the latter also taught him to think more creatively. Nevertheless, it was the idea of having no boundaries in Philosophy which excited him the most, something which he believes is also one of the beauties of Physics.

Physics truly is a subject with no boundaries, with advancements in Nanophotonics being only one example. All my observations of Subject 185 lead to the same conclusion: his passion for Physics is undoubted. He also cheekily added that the laws of gravitation are fundamentally the only reason why he still has some hope of attracting the opposite gender (I suppose that’s a type of passion!). But more importantly, to him, Physics wasn’t a subject. It was a story; a story where the more you know, the more mysterious it becomes; a story which you can write yourself.
And he wants to write the next chapter.

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Here is my final report on phase 1 of the Physics Suitability Study (PSS)...


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