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The mystery of physics has always enthralled me. Whether it is the complex physical phenomena or simple ideas intertwining to form elegant complex theories capable of explaining near all questions of the universe. I think the thing that interests me most about Physics is no matter how many new amazing things are discovered and how many fundamental questions are answered there is always more “what ifs”. One simple change opens up an expansive world of new questions yet to be answered.

I particularly enjoyed quantum physics, fields, and relativity. I really enjoy the challenge of A level Physics and would love the opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of the subject at degree level. I spend a lot of time outside of the classroom researching and reading around the topics studied in books and scientific journals. Recently I have enjoyed reading “Why Does E=mc2 and Why Should We Care” by Brian Cox and was lucky enough to have met him over the summer. Another favourite book of mine is “Six Not So Easy Pieces” by Richard Feynman. This book was the main reason I became interested in relativity. The way it is explained in the books makes it simple yet extremely interesting.

When I started College I was torn between following a career in medicine or science. After six moths of my course, I had no doubt in my mind that Physics was the career I had set my heart on. I believe that my other subjects have influenced this decision. I Studied AS Mathematics, which has many strong links with Physics including the mechanics module, which complements Physics so well. Biology has also helped my decision as we study electron microscopy, which owes it existence to the field of particle Physics.

Last year with college I was selected to take part in 8 months work experience with BAE Systems. My project involved working on how the laws of thermodynamics affect the climate Environmental Control Systems (ecs) in the avionics bays. The work was fun and exciting, as I had never applied my knowledge like this before. It was extremely rewarding to take what I had learnt at school and use it to solve real world problems. The problem was a true problem passed on to us from BAE Systems that would shape their decision on how to modify the black boxes and ecs systems without fear of disruption to other elements of the environmental systems.

I take part in a lot of extra activities outside of college, I was in the Air Training Corps
For three and a half years where I reached the rank of sergeant due to my eye for detail, and my skills as a motivational leader. I have played union rugby for around 8 years, representing Blackpool and Fleetwood RUFC as well as Cumbria Wing RUFC. I captained the North region ATC for 2 years, and on 3 occasions represented England ATC RUFC in international matches and tournaments against an array of national teams.

In my time at university I hope to expand my knowledge greatly and delve into more complex areas of physics that will broaden my horizons and stand me in good stead for my future career in the field of physics.

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