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With philosophy at its foundation, and mathematics as its language, physics is full of profound insights into the workings of the universe, from the tiniest quantum interactions to the forming of the most distant galaxies. This empirical analysis of all physical phenomena is something I really would like to get involved in. My will to study physics stems from the very core of my nature as a human. I admire the beauty of life as a manifestation of the cosmos, and as the result of a variety of natural processes. If you consider the chances of life forming on a planet, you really begin to appreciate how unique life is and this motivates me to try and understand as much as I can about the workings of nature.

As a result of the captivating nature of physics, I actively read beyond the syllabus. I read research papers that have been published, as a means of getting a taste of what I could be part of in the future, which excites me. I was particularly interested in one in which phonons were produced by stimulated emission, a process which we had previously discussed in class. I have read Feynman's "QED", in which a variety of situations we are all familiar with (lenses, mirrors, light from air to water) are explained using the seemingly absurd theory of quantum electrodynamics. Feynman teaches how to use his diagrams to represent the probability of an event occurring.

This formed the link between the GCSE optics chapter and quantum physics of my A level course. My peers and I formed a physics club at school, in which we can discuss ideas and arrange projects, which are helping to prepare us for our transition into higher education. We have completed an electricity project, soldering various components to a circuit board to make an infra-red beam breaker, and we have begun attending Wiltshire astronomical society meetings, in which we can discuss recent developments and look into a wide variety of astronomical topics.

I support my studies in physics through developing my skills in relevant subjects, which gives me a wider understanding of the context of physics. My interest in mathematics dramatically increased as the year progressed, to the point of me taking on further maths AS this year, sitting FP1, FP2 and D1. The complex number chapters I have covered so far are taking me into the more abstract ideas of mathematics. I sat the UKMT Maths Challenge as a result of this increased enthusiasm, and look forward to receiving my results. I self-study philosophy as a means of adding depth to my religious studies course. I enjoyed reading Descartes books, discovering the most renowned rationalist's approach to philosophy.

Philosophy is becoming increasingly important in physics, as we consider theories involving hidden dimensions or an infinite number of universes. Physics has large implications for the nature of human life too, when considering the freewill debate. The probabilities involved in quantum mechanics may suggest that we are not as free as we first seem. Significant independent study has prepared me for what I will experience in higher education.

I have 6 months of experience volunteering at a Barnardo's store, which allowed me to develop my communication skills. I met some amazing people from a variety of backgrounds, and it felt good to know I was helping out with a charity, and providing a service to the local community. I have been a keen musician for several years now, and play bass guitar to a grade 8 standard. Alongside current projects, I wish to form a jazz-fusion band to allow me to really apply and develop the musical theory I have learnt in the past months.

I found the experience of taking an instrument and developing it to a high standard really satisfying. My aim is to lecture in physics when I am older, and share the joys of this subject with many others. To inspire a new generation of thinkers who can take this subject and do amazing things with it, I would consider my main goal.

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