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One of the most appealing features of Physics is the way that complex physical phenomena can be explained by simple and elegant theories. I enjoy the logical aspect of the subject and I find it very satisfying when all the separate pieces of a problem fall together to create one simple theory. My interest and aptitude for maths adds an extra dimension to Studying science, particularly Physics. I relish the challenge of a complicated problem both in physics and mathematics. I am also a keen practical physicist, during a degree I would like to keep in touch with the practical side of the subject.

My interest in science extends outside the classroom. I keep up to date with new developments and ideas by reading around my school subjects in books and also in journals such as "New Scientist" and "Scientific American". I have read books by Richard Feynman, Richard Dawkins and lan Stewart, I also particularly enjoyed John Archibald Wheeler's "A Journey into Gravity and Spacetime". These books challenge me in a way that is very different from the way in which I am required to think at school.

Over the summer holidays of 2001 I arranged three weeks of work experience in the Department of Materials Science at the University of Oxford. During this time I worked with three different research groups studying the atomic structure of surfaces, use of the 3D atom probe, and the structure of magnetic storage surfaces. The work on magnetic surfaces was particularly exciting because it was a new development that could have a significant impact. I also wrote some documents for them, such as a guide to help students find Materials Science resources on the Internet. The whole experience was very useful because I had to apply what I had leamt at school to unfamiliar areas, thus using my brain in an entirely new way.

I am a keen sportsman both in and out of school, having represented my school, and the Oxford Devils' under-17 team, at basketball. For the past three years I have played cricket for the school team, being captain for two years I have been in the Oxfordshire cricket squad for my age group since the age of thirteen and have been a senior player at Bicester and North Oxford-Cricket Club since 1998. Playing team sports has taught me a lot about the importance of team work and I believe I can apply this in a working environment. Recently, I discovered an enthusiasm for scuba diving, and have achieved my open water diving license.

During my time at university I aim to get a first class education that will stand me in good stead for entering the world of work; I also want to continue my education in an environment in which I can thrive mentally. In return, the university will get a student who is hard working, always willing to learn and will put something back into the community.

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Very nice.

Very nice.

a marvellous personal

a marvellous personal statement... oxford style... yeah!

Very clear, very good.

Very clear, very good.
Thank you to whoever submitted this, it has greatly helped me to structure my statement. :)

Well done.

Well done.

Well written, well done!

Well written, well done!

Thank you!!! :P

Thank you!!! :P


to be honest, your statement OWNS

Very good indeed. I was

Very good indeed. I was particularly interested by the last sentence - the remark regarding what the University would obtain by having you as a student. Nicely structured, and I love the way that the statement constantly relates back to the point of it. First paragraph is abit 'blah' for my liking though. Thanks.

Excellent personal statement.

Excellent personal statement.

Your enjoyment of the subject really comes through.

very well written but the

very well written but the final sentance made me wanna hurl

it always seems to pay to

it always seems to pay to mention anything to do with oxford or cambridge


Lolz at "Very hard working... and will put something back into the community!" I bet you've no interest in advancing the community with your life. Lolz people are just halirious..

I find the wording of the

I find the wording of the first paragraph is a bit over the top, and the 'putting some something back into the community' a bit pretentious. Apart from that it seems very good.

Thanks to whoever wrote this.

Thanks to whoever wrote this. It helped alot showing me how I should structure mine. ^_^

yeah i agree, it has helped

yeah i agree, it has helped me a whole lot!!!!!=^.^=

before i read this i had no idea what to write but this has given me plenty of ideas

thanks again =^.^=

This helped me a great deal

This helped me a great deal in what to write about.




Good Personal Statement given

Good Personal Statement given me a good idea of what i should write :), anyone else notice the spelling mistake ????

professional approach

professional approach


It seems to me that you are applying to either Oxbridge, or Imperial.

That's the kind of class this statement is in. I envy you.

Somehow, this helped with mine, so thank you.

Probably outstanding


Yeah, like someone else said

Yeah, like someone else said the first para was a bit OTT. The language disrupted the flow a little. Awesome statement though ;) *steals ideas*

WOW! This owned me out the

WOW! This owned me out the water. Damn!


i basically used this to complete my entire statement. I am just that lazy.

You cant even call this a

You cant even call this a personal statement

Bloody hell

this is friggin gd
u really helped me with mine thnx

hey do the univeristies keep

hey do the univeristies keep records of personal statements? XD

yeeeeeeeehhhhh, Oxford,

yeeeeeeeehhhhh, Oxford, woooooeeeee
u can never have too much Oxford...sarcasm is such a useful tool.

yeeeeeeeehhhhh, Oxford,

yeeeeeeeehhhhh, Oxford, woooooeeeee
u can never have too much Oxford...sarcasm is such a useful tool.


Dude your Personal Statment would win in a fight against a massive horny bison!!!!!!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This personal statement sucks!


funny how an r and an n look like an m with this font

very good statement very

very good statement very useful very brave of you posting it online to be checked good job and don't listen to guys who hate it


Major thanks for the article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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