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From investigating the properties of subatomic particles to predicting the behavior of the planets, Physics fascinates me. Partly, it's the logical aspect of the subject which seems to sum up the workings of the entire universe in a series of simple statements. Partly, it's the bizarre way of thinking in which the cat can be both dead and alive. Overall, I think it's the insights about reality that really motivate me into choosing this subject to study at university, and the possibility that at some point in the future, I will be able to shed some light on the questions still unanswered. My interest in mathematics is also a factor in my choice, as I enjoy solving complex problems.

My interest in science extends outside the classroom. In order to extend my knowledge and keep up to date with current ideas I have subscribed to "Physics Today". I have also watched lectures about Quantum Mechanics from Oxford University on Itunes. This gave me an idea of the challenges and problems I would be solving in university and it also showed me the extent of knowledge I've yet to understand. Recently, I have attended a lecture in Merchiston Castle School that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser and I found it really captivating, particularly because it showed just how many everyday applications physics has.

In school, I'm a Physics departmental prefect and a member of the charity committee. Both of these have taught me the importance of teamwork, which I believe I can apply to other areas. I've also participated in the second stage of British Physics Olympiad having obtained a merit award in the first paper an experience which helped me to apply my limited knowledge to complicated questions I haven't ever tried before. It was a particularly challenging test but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also participate in the Scottish Baccalaureate in Science which requires a lot of planning, confidence and generic skills. Although my project is not exactly completely related to Physics global warming being my main concern it still gives me an insight into university research methods.

I'm keen on learning new languages. Already bilingual, I'm also learning Japanese. I've got a certain passion for all things Japanese and I intend to visit Japan in the future. At the moment, I'm in the process of completing my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course. Both of these demonstrate my communication and independent learning skills which I'm continuously developing and which will be helpful to me when I pursue a career in Physics. My other areas of interest are web designing, reading and painting.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Physics in university and to continue my education in an environment where others share similar interests and passions. My ambition is, one day, to lead my own scientific research and hopefully, make a difference.

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This personal statement was written by Master of Puppies for application in 2010.

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Just a little something I thought I would share with the world. Not really many
physics statements here so I might as well add my five cents. Hopefully, it'll
help if you're stuck or looking for an example.


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I loved it, the start was

I loved it, the start was brilliant and i personally rate this better than other statements rated at 5stars. It isn't too pretencious or too vague, spot on.

Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Loved it. Thanks for sharing. It is very motivating, not at all a surprise u got offers from these great unis. Well done! ;-)

I enjoyed the dead cat

I enjoyed the dead cat allegory. I wouldn't have thought to include that.

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