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As a child, I would often read books and watch shows about space and astronomy and wonder what made it possible. This has developed into a much deeper and more scientific interest in the subject. Throughout my high school career, I have found myself inspired and passionate about astronomy and Physics. From investigating the properties of subatomic particles to predicting the behaviour of galaxies, Physics fascinates me. Having studied Physics at IGCSE and A-levels, along with chemistry and mathematics, it soon became clear that Physics was my ideal career path, specifically Astrophysics. My interest in Mathematics is another factor in my choice, as I enjoy solving complex problems.

Inspired by science shows and podcasts like Cosmos and Startalk, I learned to enjoy looking at the world through Physics. In my room, I would often conduct several experiments and build a few gadgets. The double-slit experiment, a remote control car, and small power-banks are some of the experiments and devices I have investigated. It demonstrates my independent learning skills. This experimentation has led me to a better understanding of school Physics and gain practical knowledge of what I had learned. It also enables me to embrace Physics as more than just a subject but as a personal passion.

My interest in Physics extends outside the classroom. I keep abreast of the developments in Physics through magazines, such as ‘Scientific American’, and other Physics-related websites. This allows me to extend my knowledge and keep up to date with current ideas. I have also watched lectures by Walter Lewin from MIT. It gave me an idea of the challenges and problems I would be solving in university and the extent of knowledge I have yet to understand. Moreover, I have read books by Richard Feynman, Michio Kaku, Steven Hawking, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

These books have taught me to think differently and challenge myself. During lockdown in July, I started writing articles for a blog site ( My goal was to try and explain advanced Physics and mathematical theories, like Quantum Entanglement and Chaos Theory, in a manner that would be understood by the everyday Joe. This allowed me to share my knowledge and sharpen my writing skills. It kept me busy during the lockdown and encouraged me to communicate my passion for Physics. The blog helped me find like-minded people and build a community where I can share my ideas and . The entire experience was extremely useful because I had to apply what I had learned to unfamiliar areas, thus using my brain in an entirely new way. I also learned to complete a given task on time and in a productive manner.

As for my hobbies, I love playing chess. I have been playing chess since I was ten years old. Chess has build up my critical thinking and decision-making skills. I also enjoy listening to music and watching films. I like reading a wide variety of literature from romance to autobiographies. I’m also interested in activities that require logical thinking, such as computer programming and website designing. Recently, I started online courses that teach video editing and graphic designing. Furthermore, I enjoy playing sports, such as Football and Cricket.

I believe I will be a suitable student at your university. I’m looking forward to continue my education in an environment where others enjoy talking about space and physics and share similar interests and passions. My ambition is, one day, to be part of an exciting scientific research and hopefully, make a difference.

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