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My fascination for how things work is something that has always been a part of me. Why am I pulled back towards the ground when I jump? How can an airplane that weighs so much fly? In later years I learned that these questions, these as I thought to be unexplainable phenomena, could all be answered through Physics. By simply extracting simple data from a composite work, it could be clarified in an easy way. Ever since I remember seeing my dad going to work in the Norwegian Air Force, I have thought about following in his footsteps. My greatest wish would hence be to travel into space and this dream holds true still today and gives me aspiration within Physics and Mathematics.

I have enjoyed the challenge of taking Higher Level Mathematics that my school offers. I have been privileged to study a challenging course which has assisted me in sharpening my skills and personal passion with problem-solving and given me the tool to solve complex problems. For my Extended Essay I chose to work on evaporation of black holes, which was extremely interesting and fun to write about, which let me investigate deep into an area I find very fascinating.

To be challenged even more I have entered national and international competitions, like the Georg Mohr Mathematics competition where I scored full marks in the preliminary rounds or when I the same year took part in the international Physics Olympiad where I also scored a high marks. In addition to this I enjoy studying physics related and mathematical problems outside of school time. Evidently I have become extremely enthusiastic about Physics and Mathematics not only as subjects, but also as a personal interest.

Outside of school I have also tutored both younger and fellow students in Physics and Mathematics. I have found this has helped me with my understanding of the subjects. I have also been elected as president of the student council at my school. This has increased my skills within organising and teaching. I am also a captain and player on my IB school handball team which has enhanced my teamwork ability just as much as my will to enhance other peoples work as my own. In between the years of 2002 up until 2006 I was also the national champion of Tae Kwon Do in Norway, and I participated in national level competitions in fighting styles like Mixed Martial Arts and Kung Fu, which I still do.

I am in addition a fervent piano player and composer. I have in my free time written several songs and I find this a wonderful contrast to the academic studies of everyday school life. I am self-taught and enjoy the challenge of enriching my creative talents.

My determination to study Physics was confirmed after an inspiring lecture about dark matter and dark energy by Mitch Campbell, a teacher now studying for a Ph.D. in astrophysics. But, I realized also how I both wanted and needed more life experience, which is why I have decided to apply with a deferred entry. This I am also doing as I want to challenge myself physically as well as mentally. In my free year I will travel around the world to Asia, Africa and South America to do voluntary work consisting of teaching at schools, working at animal preservation areas and doing scientific research. I will do this in the hope of enriching my life experiences as much as my academic studies.

Ultimately I believe that if given the chance, I will be an asset to your university in further obtaining skills within both Physics and Mathematics. I believe also that my life experience, cultural background and academic knowledge will be an asset for your university. I intend on continuing studying Physics in the future, and additionally get a PhD in the area of either Physics or Astrophysics. If accepted to your university I will perhaps be so lucky as to achieve my greatest wish of one day travelling to outer space.

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This personal statement was written by Nick-91 for application in 2012.

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The University of Birmingham
University of Glasgow
University of Leicester
Royal Holloway
The University of Sheffield

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A pleasure to read! But

A pleasure to read! But something doesn't quite add up - you want to do a PhD and carry on STUDYING physics but at the same time you want to go into outer space (for which the path taken is different - it's more practical than academic). Good luck though.

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