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I am looking forward to studying Physics at university in order to advance my understanding of the world around me; understanding the science behind everything that makes a modern technological lifestyle what it is. A practical example of the application of Physical Science is the Physics of Sailing, which I enjoy applying continuously whenever I am on the water. I have a desire to learn and a willingness to apply and pass on what I know.

I have been a prize-winner at school every year and from an early age I have read and enjoyed Science & Technology books and journals. I regularly read the publications Scientific American and New Scientist; I also actively participate in communities such as PhysicsPost. I also find books by distinguished Physicists fascinating, for example: Richard Feynmans lectures, which are very accessible and offer an insight to higher level Physics.

I have arranged and attended work experience and observation at Strathclyde University, where I enjoyed being included in a project researching the Electrodeposition of semiconductors. As a result of this I am considering an academic career or perhaps one in commercial science. Wherever I find a place after my time studying Physics I hope it will be somewhere that I can be part of the research and development of new ideas and technologies. After all, where would entertainment, communication, industry, commerce and medical science stand if there were no Physicists?

I take on Web Design work, with two projects completed this summer. I am also an RYA Dinghy & Racing Instructor and use this qualification to teach young children and adults how to sail. I am responsible for groups for a whole day; keeping them entertained independently can test patience and be quite a challenge especially when the weather is not cooperating! This occupation reinforces my people skills whilst allowing me to have fun sailing and show others how to share my enjoyment.

Having sailed in the schools 1st VI team, I now regularly Captain our 2nd VI at Regional, National and International events. As a Senior Cadet in the CCF Royal Naval Section I am part of a small team responsible, for the leadership of 30 cadets. Scheduling and running activities is often a complicated task especially as they continue through the whole term and this can add to the workload stresses especially during exam times. I am also very active within our House and have been appointed as a House Prefect, organising and participating in many House and School events; including co-directing and producing our House Play this year.

My CCF section takes an annual trip to the Brecon Beacons where walking, leadership, self-responsibility, more walking, self-reliance and resourcefulness are encouraged. I am now in my fourth year of CCF experience and consequently have both received and administered character-building tasks that include, but are not limited to, the cold, the wet and the miserable, suffice to say, it is great fun. I feel that the CCF has played a great part in developing me into a much more confident and able person; combined with my experience as a Sailing Instructor and House Prefect, I now feel well-prepared to integrate and participate in university life, whilst bringing my own dimension to it and all those around me.

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the personal statement is

the personal statement is good but what about people who r not as geniuos as some of u guys and r still interested to do physics degree in uni. i mean u should have a personal satement 4 someone who hasnt got much work experience. good luck

The statement seems good. I

The statement seems good. I just don't like all the sentences starting with I. It makes it sound choppy and steals enthusiasm.

pathetic opening, sounds like

pathetic opening, sounds like a child done it! Trolololol

Three stars??

I don't think this is as as as some others here. opening is weak but there are lots of indicators of the student getting involved in more than just textbooks and games.

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