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The way things work has always interested me greatly. That’s a broad statement, but the fact that physics makes up the fundamentals of the universe, both microscopically and macroscopically, and the way that all of these fundamentals interact with each other in intricate ways to shape the world around us is completely fascinating to me, and I am intrigued to study it further as a degree. Bill Bryson excellently described physics as “a search for the ultimate simplicity” which I can identify with simply because I have always asked “why”, as many people have, in questions such as “What is a black hole?” and “Why don’t the same physical laws seem to apply with respect to quantum mechanics?” and physics has many of the answers.

This drives me to want to pursue physics further, in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our surroundings, and indeed I have researched several areas in more detail than is covered in my A-Level syllabus, including nuclear fusion, and general relativity. These two areas in particular are where my interest predominantly lies, as they could hold some of the most exciting benefits to humanity in the future: unlimited energy, and interstellar travel. I am a member of the Institute of Physics, and I enjoy reading their content online.

Physics requires extensive analytical skills and practical skills. I am studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at A-Level, and all of these subjects contribute greatly to an ability to work logically to solve problems, and have prepared me for this kind of study better than any other courses would have done. In addition, Physics and Chemistry have both allowed me to experience a laboratory environment on a regular basis. This has refined my skills in the laboratory, and also enabled me to use my ingenuity when instructions are vague, and I know only what my final outcome should be. I am also in the doing an EPQ, with the title “Is nuclear fusion likely to be a viable power source within the next fifty years?” This subject was chosen largely because it interests me personally, and is very relevant currently. Doing an EPQ means that, since it is not taught and is left largely down to me to complete, I need focus and an ability to work without outside help.

In the summer of 2015, I worked in a small factory four days a week, for eight hours per day, throughout the summer holidays. This was my first real experience in a workplace and while not mentally challenging, it was essential to manage time well in order to keep production rates where they needed to be. I also had to communicate effectively with my co-workers in order to complete tasks properly, and it was essential that I follow instructions exactly, so that parts were made exactly to the specification. For these reasons, I consider this job of paramount importance in developing the skills I need to cope with a university workload, not least because of the dedication required to work a thirty hour week through summer holidays. During the 2015/2016 academic year, I assisted in a college open day, showing prospective students what life at college would be like. This required me to show leadership skills as in that situation, I was the one giving guidance.

Outside of college studies, I enjoy learning Spanish in my spare time. It is a beautiful language from a very interesting culture. I also enjoy swimming, and this is my primary form of exercise. I also enjoy PC gaming, and in the past I have also ventured into learning how to program computers. This was engaging for me, as in order to code, you must be able to look at the system holistically, and be able to determine solutions to problems.
I look forward to studying physics at university and, beyond that, continuing to contribute to society in an impactful way throughout my career. Physics is one of the best subjects to be able to make a difference with, and this is my driving motivation to want to take it further.

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