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The world of Physics is the foundation of Science.Physics explains life and indeed everything. The realization of ideas such as the variation of time for different observers due to the consequences of General and Special relativity has stimulated me to study Physics at a higher level,to satisfy my curiosity with the fundamental concepts of our universe.

I was selected to do GCSE Astronomy by the Gifted and Talented association.From Astronomy,I was exposed to the vastness of the universe. I was excited buying my first telescope and reading the "sun spots" on a piece of paper. I From a sheet of paper, I looked at the "sun spots",which are only about 1000 degrees cooler than their surroundings but they look so much darker on the paper.Like many others,I was fascinated by the idea of dark matter, mater which can't be detected but definitely exists, and the concept of a black hole with infinite mass. I think what interests me most about these topics is the fact that we are now able to predict phenomena that we cannot even imagine,let alone see with our eyes.

I was also selected to attend the BA science festival in the University of Liverpool.I am currently reading "QED" and "Feynman Lectures on Physics".QED prepares me for the surprise that I will be facing in university,namely that an individual photon doesn't necessarily reflect with angle of incidence equalling to that of reflection.It could go anywhere!The QED shows how photons could go anywhere and the idea that partial reflection could be solved by drawing arrows and an imaginary time clock sound ridiculous and non-intuitive;a clear example of how Science took its retreat to probability instead of precise prediction.

To ensure that physics was the right university choice,I went to imperial college for a taster course for physics where I spoke to physics students who encourage me greatly to do physics. When I am free at home, I looked at MIT Physics lectures on Youtube,where it has lot of universities lectures on different subjects, in order to gain a greater insight into classical mechanics, including some brilliant professors like Walter Lewin.FP1 introduces me a new set of useful numbers,complex number,which is useful describing electromagnetism.M1 introduces the foundation of classical mechanics with Newton laws explained.I always love doing maths but I also find applying maths into physics is more fascinating as you could always use maths to predict consequences with each law that could be related to reality.

I am diligent,hard working and energetic.I came to London by myself when I was 12,suitcase in hand,waiting for my sister to find me in the Airport.As my parents were working in Hong Kong to make ends meet,I had to live with my sister and adapt quickly to life without our parents around. Thus,at a young age,I was given the responsibility to manage our home and I had to manage my time efficiently so my school work won't suffer.This made me more independent and mature. However, I think it is also important keep yourself immature or playful,as Feynman said,in order to be more creative with physics and had a different approach to problems.

Being fluent in English,Mandarin and Cantonese,I have worked as a interpreter for the Olympic Fine Art 2008 in Beijing.The experience was incredible as I learnt how to live interpret in front of nearly 200 people,which meant I had to quickly overcome my fear of public speaking.I enjoy helping the unfortunate,thus I was a volunteer working for the HHAC for 2 weeks,looking after rescues dogs and finding the right owners for them.As well as working,I insist on going to the gym 4 days a week and have been doing so for 4 years as it is a demanding and challenging sport.

I believe that studying Physics will expose me to challenges that will push me to my limits but will also allow me to apply all the mathematics I have learnt over the years.In Physics,my aim is simple: to become a pioneer in this field and actually make a difference.

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Good but...

It's not 'The QED', it's QED, a theory :)
The bit about translating for the Olympics was awesome though :D

impressive motivation well

impressive motivation well done you

good content and meaning but

good content and meaning but the grammar could be improved and it doesnt always seem to flow very well


woww extremely impressive indeed

blackholes don't have

blackholes don't have infinite mass? think you may want to take your GCCE again


Im obliged for the article post. Much obliged.

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