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All assumptions, methods, implication considered in scientific fields with an aim of establishing the truth in natural phenomenon are part of philosophy of science.

Logic plays a crucial role in establishing a smooth flow while deducing premises for the assumptions. However, philosophy of science is broad, and most philosophers choose to consider particular problems areas like philosophy of physics or philosophy of biology. My interests shift towards philosophy of science with a bias on accomplishments in physics.

The central and most limiting problem in logic and philosophy of science is demarcation. This is the ability to separate science from non-science matter or study without professional negligence. Initially, logical philosophers of science and positivists limited the application of science to observation and, which made non-science matter non-observational and meaningless. This would explain the “strings” theory established in the early 70’s.

The theory purported that, in the subatomic arena, small strings rather than particles are susceptible to vibration. Essentially, all forms of matter for analysis could degenerate into equation forms guided by logic and philosophy of science. At the very core of philosophy of science is the ability to appreciate mathematical logic in verifying hypothesis and assumptions.

In order to master logic and philosophy of science with due diligence, logic must become an inherent part of the study. Most theories developed through philosophy of science obey some natural and chronological order, thereby, certifying their validity as true entities. Logic explains the deductions and premises made in the development of theories.

For instance, the strings theory had some deductions made in the form of assumptions. The deductions were logical so that their validity would affirm the ability of philosophy of science in explaining natural phenomenon. The application of logic also comes in handy during debates and affirmation of arguments.

For instance, in a deductive argument the premise leads to a valid conclusion. Consider the two premises, “all humans are mortal” and “Socrates was human”. From the two premises, we deduce that Socrates was mortal by virtue of being human. The conclusion holds because of logic and validity in the initial deductions or premises.

Since I have a strong passion for debate, logic will serve a crucial role when I deliver my points. It would be impossible for the audience to counter my argument based on my understanding of logic in deductive and inductive arguments.

Appreciating that philosopher of science does not draw from testing assumptions and deductions only, but also by evaluating different opinions will make an exemplary student. For instance, in law school, there were people with different and varying opinions.

The ability to consider each opinion as an entity of its own, which is valid, assists in making reasonable conclusions that obey logic and philosophical sciences. I also engage in co-curricular activities like boxing, playing the guitar, and participating in charity work.

There is a humble form of nobility derived from charity work. Volunteering at the British heart foundation makes me develop an insight to metaphysics. Although, it does not contribute significantly to philosophy of science, I use it to understand the human body. As such, I am able to direct both positive and negative energy during yoga and boxing, thereby, making me excel in co-curricular activities.

Since the university maintains a reputation in producing top-notch graduates, I plan to balance both co-curricular and academic activities to ensure that I upheld the spirit of quality and excellence in the institution.

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