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I've always imagined a photograph to be like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to find the various pieces that fit together to create something visually spellbinding. I like to set up my scenes; plastering bubble wrap and newspapers all over my house, covering absolutely everything or dragging my living room furniture into my garden. Transforming something, to create a conceptual set of images is what my photography is about. Other art forms can enrich Photography. Visiting Art galleries has inspired me to become more experimental, combining art techniques and photography, having painted over my photographs, collaged over them and stitched into them. These techniques extended the meaning behind my photos. Alex Stoddard's photography has also opened my mind to creating conceptual messages in my work. Photography allows my individuality to be successfully asserted, and people I had never spoken to before who viewed my work in an exhibition told me how compelled they were by my quirky style. Their admiration has only stirred my love for it further and has propelled my interest. I have been chosen to present my photos to Watford Camera Club and I've recently been requested to take photographs on a Student Awards Evening and school play.

These images will be published in the school's own section of The Watford Observer. Studying subjects such as History has allowed me to improve my evaluation and interrogation skills through using sources whilst broadening my understanding of referencing and bibliographies. Philosophy has been a huge advantage as the structure of the essays has taught me to prioritise the most important information. This has complimented my analytical writing in photography to filter the most necessary aspects of a photo to discuss. English taught me how to provide alternative interpretations which is invaluable when finding a theme in a photograph. My personal photography project is 'Dreams' and I chose this theme in order to develop my Photoshop skills to create surreal and professional looking images. I am eager to build upon these skills and try something new.

Through my part time job working as a cashier, I have been given responsibilities such as dealing with large sums of money whilst engaging with customers and meeting their needs which has heightened my confidence. I've also had the opportunity to meet new people of all ages and different backgrounds thus developing my social skills. It has taught me how to use my spare time efficiently and find a correct balance with school work. I've involved myself in a community placement in a reception class whereby I worked with students to produce art work. The reception class teacher was so impressed with the results that they chose to put them on display in the school. I am a prefect at school which involves me performing a weekly duty of supervising break and lunch for the lower years. I've connected more so with the school and its community and feel a sense of pride to have contributed something to maintain its outstanding ethos.

Being awarded Photographer of the year has also made me feel firmly recognised and valued. Reading and going to the cinema preoccupy my spare time and I'm currently enjoying films and music from the eighties era. Shakespeare is another passion of mine and I have visited his Globe theatre on several occasions and these visits encouraged me to involve myself in a Shakespearean play at school. I also used to play football, working my way up to becoming captain and I would love to be involved in a team again. A new interest of mine is teaching myself to play the ukulele. Going to university would give me the opportunity to firmly establish myself within the wider field of the photography community, whilst acquiring invaluable skills. My desire is to be taken seriously, and to become a well respected photographer.

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This personal statement was written by emmaloukelly for application in 2014.

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I got interviews from all of my choices - University of Brighton, Nottingham Trent, Arts University of Bournemouth, Falmouth University and University of Portsmouth. Received offers from all but Bournemouth.


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