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I was inspired to become a nurse whilst caring for a patient receiving palliative care.

The nurses would come to give medications for pain and other symptoms, but this was not all they did -they would reassure the client and family with the greatest respect and support the patient mentally as well as physically to make them as comfortable as possible.

This made me want to expand my knowledge and skills to be able to potentially give someone some sort of relief during a difficult time whether that be with medications, therapies or briefly making that person feel calm and safe.

I chose an adult nursing degree as I want to be able to help different people in a variety of settings to the best of my ability. Giving the best healthcare to anyone that requires it whatever their situation or life passage.

I have been working in healthcare for the last six years. I have gained many skills during this time. I have completed my health and social care level 2 NVQ whilst doing an apprenticeship apon leaving school in 2014 in a learning disability community hub.

Since I completed this I have been expanding my knowledge by working with different people with varied conditions and needs.

At present I am supporting an adult who has tetraplegia and is fully ventilated via a tracheostomy who is also suffering drug and alcohol dependence. This has taught me many ways of dealing with my own and other people's potential feelings.

Helping you to take into account all different factors that can occur in people's lives.

These experiences have taught me about dedication, trust and responsibility that is required in a caregiving role. I have cared for a range of illnesses and disabilities and this has given me the open mindedness that I feel is a strong characteristic for a nurse.
I have also been reading books by doctors (Adam Kay) and anthropologists as they inspire me and give me a glimpse into the interesting and busy life of a healthcare professional.

I know that an adult nursing degree and profession is going to be challenging at times and I have experienced how to cope and organise myself in these situations when managing staff and working as a team to get over problems that can occur. I find it important to always review and question yourself making sure your performance is always improving and you are giving the best you can for yourself and your team.

I am looking forward to the idea of university life and a nursing degree because it gives me an opportunity to grow. I can meet interesting people that will have different opinions and knowledge to myself. I feel that I want to submerge myself into a new rewarding challenge that uses my abilities and aspirations to improve others lives.

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Please any advice on how to improve this will be a massive help. I have 4 lines left before my UCAS limit and I have spoken more about my work experiences in my application.

Thank you in advance


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