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Witnessing the excellent care my grandfather received from palliative care nurses initiated my interest in nursing, when their dedication to his complex emotional and physical needs inspired me to help others.

My desire to pursue adult nursing is a result of this and subsequent experiences that have demonstrated the challenging but highly fulfilling nature of the role.

During my first degree I specialised in the social history of medicine, in which I studied the progression of nursing until the formation of the NHS in 1948, and was inspired by the extent to which the profession has developed.

This module gave me good grounding on the significance of the profession in the wider social context, which will be especially useful when studying nursing and professional policy.

My degree necessitated an analytical mind, research skills, and the need to complete assignments to deadlines, thereby preparing me for the academic structure of a nursing course.

I have since subscribed to the Nursing Standard, which is developing my understanding of the varied nature of nursing, whilst also briefing me on current issues, such as the impact of leaving the EU on the NHS.

After graduating, I undertook a community based internship with the Diocese of XXXXXX, during which I worked with a diverse range of adults.

The fulfilment I gained in this role and the interpersonal skills I acquired greatly prepared me for a career in adult nursing. The role encouraged me to be competent and supportive in sensitive situations such as those related to health issues and bereavement, whilst requiring me to handle such circumstances with the professional integrity that is also necessary to nursing.

This strengthened my ability to be resourceful and communicate empathically about difficult personal matters, positively influencing the people I assisted. I can therefore apply these skills when providing compassionate care in a nursing capacity.

The religious nature of the internship also developed my interest in the spiritual welfare of people, an important aspect of care recently highlighted by the Nursing Standard. This, combined with the practical experience I gained throughout the internship, showed me the importance of holistic approaches to care in the nursing profession.

In April I completed a placement at the XXXXXXX Royal Infirmary, during which I acquired experience on a ward caring for people with dementia, whilst my interactions with patients and nurses gave me a valuable insight into the complex nature of individual patient care.

The importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in nursing was demonstrated to me through my observation of handover and ward meetings, which strengthened my understanding of the unique contributions made by different healthcare staff.

This developed my knowledge of nursing in a hospital setting, and prepared me for the placements I will undertake during my course. I have since supplemented my skills by working as a care assistant in a nursing home, where working effectively in a team has enabled me to provide high quality care to elderly residents.

I have gained practical experience by assisting residents with their personal care and documenting their medical observations, allowing me to consider their individual requirements.

Being a key worker for three residents has required me to liaise with their families to develop their care plans, and promote their interests in staff meetings, showing me some of the responsibilities I would have as a nurse.

My experiences have made me aware of the demanding nature of nursing, but increased my determination to pursue it as a career.

Nursing is more than a profession, it is also a vocation in which there are daily opportunities to improve the lives of people when they are at their most vulnerable.

I am committed to developing the skills to provide these standards of care, and my aim is to gain this experience during my course, with the hope of specialising in community nursing.

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It took me several months of planning to reach this final statement, preceded by several drafts and revised versions. It is vitally important to structure your personal statement clearly, with a unique introduction and objective conclusion. My best advice would be to ensure your statement is about you; your desire to pursue nursing, relevant experiences and what you seek to gain from the course.

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