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A nurse contributes so much to society; patient care is extremely demanding, however I found my local nurses to be calm and supportive during work experience at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

I enjoy helping people directly and so I aspire to be a nurse as I wish to have a positive impact on peoples' lives.

Throughout my placement, I was able to shadow and work with nurses during their daily routine. The experience allowed me to familiarise myself with working as part of a multidisciplinary team, but also gave me the opportunity to work using my own initiative.

Thus realising organisational skills were vital; I had to prioritise certain tasks and so being decisive was also fundamental. Moreover it taught me that there is no 'typical day' for a nurse, emphasising the necessity of situational flexibility.

Many patients I worked with were bedridden, therefore bedside care was imperative in ensuring patient morale remained high.

Work experience at Amwell View School, which focuses on the progression in education for children with a variety of disabilities, developed my interpersonal skills, communication and resilience. This highlighted that nursing can occur in a variety of work settings and comes with a high level of responsibility.

Attending a nursing taster day at King's College London and a four day health science summer school hosted by the University of Surrey were both enriching experiences.

The taster day gave an overview of the course and attributes required to be a nurse, and the summer school emphasised the necessity of each member that a nurse may work with; I learned how midwives, nurses, paramedics and ODPs may have to collaborate to aid patients.

They also gave me an awareness of the different sectors, guiding me to the adult branch of nursing. I gained a greater understanding of the necessity of compassion in nursing; patients should always feel they are being cared for. In order to enhance my appreciation of the services the NHS offers and the values of nurses within this, I focused my EPQ dissertation on the healthcare sector, "Should the NHS restrict its treatment of diseases caused by smoking?"

Voluntary work at my local Baracuda swimming class for disabled children has given me further opportunity to develop my patience. I have also learned how to effectively observe and assess needs in pressurised situations and so creativity was vital when discovering what teaching technique would engage each child.

This also meant maintaining long-term relationships with the children, as I began to understand each child's disabilities and became aware of how to support them. This has been a satisfying experience, especially when I see how my contribution has positively impacted another person; nursing is both challenging and rewarding and this is what appeals to me about the career.

Alongside my studies, I have been a member of the school council, performed in musicals on multiple occasions and recently became a science prefect. I trained to become a nationally accredited Peer Mentor for younger students and was awarded with a Jack Petchey award for contribution to the school.

All of these activities have enhanced my ability to empathise; I learned how to understand someone's feelings and how to
respond to them.

In nursing, demonstrating compassion and empathy are paramount. I feel I have incorporated the NHS' 6Cs into my daily routine, and am now ready to develop these further throughout a nursing degree.

I believe I am suited to this role as I have a genuine desire to improve the patients' quality of care and to support them and their families during a difficult time.

I would like to specialise in adult nursing as I am passionate about supporting the needs of individuals within a wide age group. I believe my experiences and transferable skills, paired with my work ethic and passion, have prepared me for a degree in adult nursing and I am ready to accept the exciting challenges that come with the nursing profession.

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