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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to describe my personal motivations for joining the nursing workforce. From the time I graduated high school until about a year ago, I had my sights set on becoming a researcher in neurosciences.

I chose ___ for my undergrad because it is one of the few universities within a 200 mile radius to offer such a degree. There was not a single subtopic in the neurosciences that did not fascinate me. From exploratory studies in cognition to clinical studies in mental health, my horizons looked so broad.

I thought that if all I did for the rest of my life was to acquire more knowledge about the brain, I would be completely satisfied. Though my interest in neuroscience never waned, I began to suspect that I was missing an integral part of who I aspire to be.

I have worked as a research assistant in a lab in ___’s Department of Biology for over a year now. Dr. _________’s lab explores the origins of diabetic retinopathy to determine whether the onset is neural or vascular. My role has been to take raw microscopy images and create a novel protocol that organizes the data in its clearest presentation.

This has honed my ability to think critically and troubleshoot solutions for problems with many moving parts. The independent nature of the work, which lacks hard deadlines like most college coursework, also boosted my intrinsic motivation.

I believe that though most of my experience has not been clinical, I have the desired qualities to succeed in this ABSN program and beyond in the nursing field. My unique background will also contribute tremendously, as essentially every course I took, whether biology, psychology, or strict neuroscience, is relevant to clinical practice.

I started to suspect that research could not provide the comprehensive growth I desired when I noticed my tendency to obsess over obtaining a PhD.

I saw that my end goal was the degree, and not what I could do with it. At that point, I took the opportunity to shadow the MRI facility in ________ hospital in ______. It was neuroscience that introduced me to MRI, so I followed this interest with an open mind. _______, I spoke with the MRI technologists and CRNA’s who reminded me of all the opportunities in clinical work.

When I displayed my interest, they encouraged me to talk to the nurses in my life. __________, who kindly wrote one of my reference letters, emphasized that as a nurse, you never stop learning new skills.

Really hashing out my goals and expectations helped my mind to no longer equate success with a degree. What I really desire is to learn, and the skills I will learn as a nurse will be more meaningful than my previous goals that I could not project past my education level.

Since beginning at ___, my aspirations have become increasingly outward focused. I intend to use the BSN from ___ to challenge my understanding of the world. I know for certain that I want to serve others, and I see the greatest need in the sick.

I am excited to learn skills that will allow me to serve in any corner of the world. My immediate goals are to use this BSN to work in critical care, and then obtain my DNP-NA. My neurobiological foundation will allow me to contribute a unique skill set to the nursing profession.

Therefore in some ways my goals have not changed, though they do have a deeper meaning. I know that theoretical knowledge is not longer enough. I want to develop the skills necessary to educate myself as a whole person.

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I started with something different that still displayed a love for learning to start out with. I showed them I already have real experience with skills vital to nursing.


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