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After graduating from my bachelor degree in psychology from University of Portsmouth, I enrolled into a part time Masters Degree on psychological research methods from the Open University as a new checkpoint while looking after one of my younger sisters who suffers from mental health issues.

In consideration of gaining related work experience and learning how to look after my sisters in various situations, I started to work as a healthcare assistant alongside my Masters' studies.

I previously worked for a domiciliary home care agency and am currently working in an elderly nursing home which specialises in palliative care. Despite the differences between settings, I take pride and provide quality service to people who are physically and/or mentally unwell with their daily living.

To achieve that, I have been trained extensively in various areas including the Mental Health Act 1983, safeguarding policy, epilepsy awareness, manual and handling, infection control, palliative care and dignity.

These trainings allow me to understand the means of standard conduct of healthcare professionals in their daily tasks, to be more confident and clear about how I should treat and handle patients and their practical as well as medical needs in the most personal centred and rightful way, and to be more aware about how to take care and protect ourselves and people around us.

Aside from these, I was also entrusted with various other responsibilities such as administration of medication, key worker responsibility, assisting to train new carers and multidisciplinary team liaison.

On the other side, my academic background has not only equipped me with different psychological related knowledge and strong analytic skills, but also allows me to have a greater understanding and different perspectives to perceive how people respond to different life circumstances.

I believe this is valuable in nursing as empathy, listening and communication skills and flexibility are essential in managing people’s situations.

Additionally, my upbringing experiences and interests of travel have honed my understanding of different cultures and language skills, which became a great tool during my healthcare work. I believe I would not prejudge any patients and treats patients equally to provide positive care.

Seeing someone who I care for gradually open up to me, knowing I have made a differences in someone’s life, and able to practice what I learnt from workplaces and university have given me great gratification.

However, I soon recognised there are limitations of my practice due to inadequate knowledge and qualification: there were so many medical related questions that I was unable to answer, tasks that I was not capable of completing and potential best interest decisions for patients’ different situations that I was unaware of.

One of my deepest fears of working in the healthcare industry is that my incomplete skill set and knowledge will put someone at risk, causing damage, or even killing someone. To prevent such devastating results, I recognise the need to advance my nursing skills through education.

I understand that the course may present me with adversity that I have yet to face in the field of healthcare, but I have learnt from my work how to take on challenges with positive thinking and the importance of a friendly attitude, teamwork and responsibility.

On top of this, my family issue and environment have offered me chances to catch a glimpse of what patients and their families may experience and expect from the healthcare industry and authorities during their lifetime.

With this insight, I am able to think from their point of views, be more mindful of their dilemmas and care for patients as well as what’s important for them. It also makes me aim to improve and learn more whenever I remembered how relieved I was when I knew my sister was placed in capable hands.

I believe that this course will broaden my horizons and allow me to provide a higher standard of care to patients despite the difficulties.

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