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Throughout my life, I have seen how the medical profession is appreciated and respected by the public, and just how vital it is. Made even more apparent due to the current pandemic, my passion to help people has opened my eyes to a nursing career.

Being caring, empathetic, and inclusive is something I strive to be in my day to day life and these are the ethics and values on which the nursing community is built upon. I feel that being offered a place on this course would be a life-changing opportunity.

I want to make a career for myself in which I can make a positive change, make things better, people’s lives better.

I have been lucky enough to get a job with NHS 24 as a COVID-19 call handler. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. I have been developing my patient care skills and knowledge every day.

If I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study to become a nurse, this job, interacting with patients, and nurses have given me a taste of what that would be like, and how I could help people.

To work as a nurse is to work as part of a team for a common goal. A goal to support and provide care for people that need it, no matter who they are, and I am so passionate about this.

I like my work at NHS 24 because it does not discriminate because help and support are available to everyone regardless of our differences, cultures, backgrounds, and behaviors; people of all ages, genders, and beliefs.

I am proud of the NHS and passionately want a future career in nursing. This role has confirmed in me my passion, given me the confidence boost I needed to push myself forward and start studying.

Nursing interests me because I want to be challenged every day, to learn and grow, and to have a positive impact on society. I am an extremely passionate and sociable person, this constantly pushes me to provide the best patient care, to every one I look after, with empathy and compassion whilst being motivated to stay concentrated for the best outcome.

I have worked across several different industries and traveled to experience many different cultures across the world, from this I have built up an array of different transferable skills. My time traveling, and volunteering abroad, has broadened my horizons, made me a more confident, relaxed, and accepting young woman. I have vastly improved my communication skills, I enjoy, and feel confident meeting, and talking to new people, and learning from them.

Over the years I have volunteered on a range of different projects; one that stands out was my time at an orphanage in Romania. This involved working with young people from challenging and difficult backgrounds. I cared for and worked with groups of approximately 20 children at a time, delivering enriched lessons to not only occupy them, but teach them valuable life skills such as hygiene, and healthy eating.

This involved planning age-appropriate materials, and activities to meet the needs of young people. This opened my eyes to people in need, and how kind and caring people can be, even with so little. I am so lucky to have my health, my family, and friends as a support group, I want to do what I can to help others who are not so lucky.

I believe I would make a good nurse because I enjoy ever-changing interactions, the role of a nurse is interesting and suits my personality well. I like that every day presents a new patient, a new situation, and a new challenge.

I am confident in my ability to communicate with people from any cultural background and an example of this would be during my time volunteering in a dog sanctuary in Paraguay. This was difficult due to the language barrier, and a virus outbreak between the dogs. I had to organize my time efficiently, an important skill for a nurse, communicate with vets and host families, in often very distressing times.

I acted effectively, thinking on my feet, all whilst remaining calm and treating the animals with compassion. This was a very challenging time for me but it was also very rewarding. I feel a career as a nurse, whilst challenging at times would also be very rewarding, educational, and encourage personal growth.

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