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There has been many occasions during my life that I have spent hours sitting at a hospital bedside.

My mother battled a long term illness and as I sat with her trying to keep her spirits up, the Nurses who cared for her always drew my admiration. I feel there are a handful of truly inspirational professions and Nursing is without doubt one of them.

Along with doctors and other medical staff, nurses provide an invaluable service to society and to be part of that group has long been an ambition of mine.

In my current role as Enhanced Support Worker, I am able to care for our service users' ongoing practical and medical needs.

Even though I have only been with the company a short time, I have progressed very well and have been entrusted with various other responsibilities such as administering medication, assisting in training new staff, key worker responsibilities, attending service user reviews and was also nominated to represent our service during meetings at the company head office.

As the company I work for specializes in care for people with Autism and moderate to severe learning difficulties, routine and consistency in the care given is paramount.

I have been trained extensively in various areas such as The Mental Health Act, legislation for the Safeguarding of Adults and Epilepsy Awareness.

I also completed a course in physical intervention which has BILD (British Institute for Learning Disabilities) accreditation and as such I am able to to effectively handle challenging and sometimes extremely violent situations.

I feel there is always a reason a person behaves in a certain way and finding out why something has happened, enables me to manage the risk of the same thing happening again in the future.

I get huge rewards and gratification from seeing the people I care for progress and blossom. Continuing my ongoing education in such a field would give me a massive amount of satisfaction.

I have been fortunate enough to complete several NVQ's, ranging from Customer Service to the NVQ I am currently working on, Level 3 in Health and Social Care.

Each time I complete such a qualification, I feel my skills in each field are refined. I have gained extensive knowledge in a variety of areas including effective customer satisfaction, people management and data protection legislation. The skills and knowledge I have gained are transferable to any future studies I undertake.

There have been times that I have deeply regretted not going onto higher education when I finished secondary school. However as I have matured, I have realised that I made the right choice for me.

Having had a working life has given me the focus and determination that I did not have aged 16.

Adult Nursing is a profession that I am deeply passionate about. I feel that hands on working experience has given me the skills, knowledge and work ethic needed to get me started on a fantastic new career.

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This personal statement was written by jobezurich for application in 2011.

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Hey peeps, let me know what you think. First time doing one, hope its ok ....


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I used this as a sample to

I used this as a sample to write my personal statement and I just wanted to say thank you. This was very well written and it really helped me!!:)

Thanks for all your comments.

Thanks for all your comments. I was not successful the first time applied and decided to use aspects of this statement the next time ... Only to be told by UCAS that some other people had used parts of my personal statement for their own - from this site! Word of warning ... Be careful what you put on this site as other people WILL copy it!

Thankyou for sharing your

Thankyou for sharing your statement it was very well written... and thanks for the word of warning unfortunatley the fact that people are 'stealing' your work means that many will think twice before sharing theirs which is a real shame as reading other personal statements has given me the inspiration i needed to apply for nursing when i was questioning if it was the right thing for me (after spending 4 yrs training as a primary school teacher then a career break to have a family)... good luck and hope you realise your dreams :-))

I think this application

I think this application should be an example for everyone who wants to do nursing. Thank you, I have made an idea for what to write in my application

Thank you

Hi, this is one of the best personal statements I have read and how do people write so well and how long did it take to write this?


I think this is a real great article post.Really thank you! Great.

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