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My desire to take a course in adult nursing was established after my first work placement at a nursing home where I later acquired a paid job as a domestic care assistant.

During my time at the nursing home, I enjoyed talking to and caring for residents and developing relationships with them and this is something that really attracts me to nursing.

My experience working in the nursing home also taught me how to work well in team with other professionals and made me appreciate how important it is to follow instructions given to me from senior staff.

It was at the nursing home that I discovered my talent of providing reassurance to people who may be feeling anxious or confused and I think this is an important skill to have as a nurse. As part of my course, I undertook a second work placement at a day centre for adults with disabilities.

The service users there had various conditions and needs, and I learnt how to balance their needs and meet them which demonstrates my use of initiative. My desire to become a nurse has been enhanced further by my time in St John Ambulance where I have developed first aid and people skills.

Since I joined St John Ambulance I have risen to the level of Advanced First Aider(AFA). As an AFA with St John Ambulance I am able to administer medical gases. I provide first aid support alongside other first aiders at various sports events.

Besides these events I have been fortunate enough to help Surrey University LINKS division with first aid cover for their night club users and it is from these experiences that I have developed an interest in working in an Accident & Emergency department.

I enjoy the challenge of working under pressure and I find it very satisfying to successfully treat people and reassure them when they are in need and this is another reason why I want to become a nurse.

In my current course and throughout my academic career I have learnt that planning is important for meeting deadlines. To date, my favourite unit has been anatomy and physiology for which I achieved a distinction.

At university I look forward to discovering more about how the human body works and how it can be treated when it becomes damaged. I am also enjoying the public health unit.

In this unit I learnt about the origins of our public health policy and the structure of the NHS of today.

By becoming a nurse I look forward to playing a positive role in the shaping of the NHS for the future by attending nursing conferences run by the RCN so I can learn from other nurses and contribute to innovation so the quality of patient care may be improved.

I like to keep up with the current issues and events in the health sector by reading the Health section of the Guardian newspaper.

I have recently finished reading 'The Student Nurse Handbook' by Bethan Siviter. From reading this book I have had a useful insight into what it is like to be a student nurse. I have learnt about medical terminology, nursing models, nursing theories and clinical placements.

I feel it is important to relax in my spare time so I can wind down and reflect on what has happened in the day.

When I become a nurse this will be even more important as being a nurse can be stressful and emotionally challenging. I find it easiest to think and reflect when I am doing exercise; mostly running and cycling. Besides exercise I also enjoy reading and listening to music.

I know that nursing will be a challenging profession to go into because nurses must have the ability to make decisions, show compassion and support the diverse needs of individuals in their care.

It will test my skills and abilities to the limit and I am confident that I can meet these challenges and choosing nursing will help me fulfil my ambition of supporting and treating others.

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This personal statement was written by Ian2015 for application in 2012.

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing at University of Surrey

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When applying for nursing the personal statement is only part of the picture in terms of gaining an offer. Applicants must also have an interview with universities for a character analysis. Most universities (if not all) will also have applicants undertake English, Maths and Nursing tests at their interviews and their scores from these tests will be added to their score from their personal statement in order to decide whether that applicant is successful in gaining an offer.


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Hi, Really interested to know

Hi, Really interested to know if you got a place ? This personal statement was brilliant !

Yes I got a place at Surrey

Yes I got a place at Surrey and I am enjoying it so far :)


This is brilliant!! Well done for securing a place on the nursing degree course.

nice write up l really

nice write up l really commend you for doing this great job.

What do you think?

Fantastic statement!
I have a child care level 3 qualification and I now work as a health care assistant, sort of like a domestic carer. Do you think I have the requirements for an Adult Nursing degree?
I really hope I do because I'm really passionate about it and I really don't want to spend more time doing a different course. Thanks a bunch, and congrats x

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