Adult Nursing Personal Statement Example 7

I want to study nursing because I believe it will be the start of a long and successful career in working in the medical field.

My goal is to work in operating theatres. I want to develop a set of skills which will stay with me for the rest of my life and kick start a career doing something I love.

As with my current job, I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction out of helping and serving others. Due to the financial implications of full time study, it always seemed something that would never be possible, but due to some inheritance it is now a very real possibility. I believe I have what it takes to complete this degree.

Everything I start, I’m intent on completing. In 2009 I completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in health and social care. Included into this was NVQ3.

Whilst completing this I learnt how to construct essays and case studies and to work towards a deadline.

I am also a dedicated and committed husband and father of two, so undertaking a venture like this is not just about me, it’s also about the future of my kids and providing for my family.

For the last 7 years I have been working in learning disabilities, specifically Autism. Being part of such a team requires excellent teamwork and communication skills.

Due to the nature of Autism, we are often faced with challenges that require out of the box thinking and good problem solving skills.

I am often faced with challenging behaviours and have to be able to think on my feet and deal with a problem as it arises.

I currently hold the responsibility of Health and Safety Executor and COSHH for my workplace. I have a good understanding and awareness of the risk and possibilities of cross contamination and the need to maintain excellent infection control.

I am currently involved in the writing up of risk assessments and risk management strategies for the service users I work with.

I also have responsibilities in administering medication and I am fully trained in the administration of emergency epilepsy drugs.

I enjoy contributing to a pleasant and friendly working environment. At times I like to be funny and make people laugh. I enjoy contributing to staff meetings, team days and spending time with service user’s family and friends.

I enjoy playing squash and do so at league level. To play at a high level, a good deal of discipline and dedication is required. I enjoy the work and effort that goes into achieving my goals and with squash I like to push myself and set my goals so that I am always having to learn, adapt and continue improving.

High levels of concentration help me to focus on the task at hand and hopefully help me to achieve my goal…to win!

Undertaking a degree in nursing will require similar skills and mindsets and I intend to link these skills and qualities with my studies and profession.

I want to develop myself in the medical field and I’m eager to grow, learn and be challenged. I find the advancement of technology and what we are capable of doing in this day and age fascinating, and I want to feel the satisfaction of doing something fulfilling and honestly believe this is for me.

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This personal statement was written by dayne for application in 2000.

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Hi guys. First time writing a personal statement. Please feel free to leave comments and suggest areas you think might need editing.



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